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ELD Solutions from a Communications Giant

The ELD Mandate requires all commercial vehicles to be equipped with ELDs to track driver activity and more. Check out the AT&T Fleet Complete ELD solution.

AT&T is one of the biggest communications companies in the world today. As such, it’s likely no surprise to many that they’ve gotten into the fleet management and electronic logging device market with their Fleet Complete ELD solution. Today’s fleet managers need to have the best ELD solutions in place, but when every company is claiming to offer the best solution, it can be difficult to determine exactly what that is. Our AT&T Fleet Complete ELD Review should help you get some more insight.

This FMCSA-compliant solution from AT&T automates HOS (Hours of Service) and DVIR tracking and recordkeeping, while also providing GPS tracking solutions and real-time fleet management tools. You’ll be able to improve revenues, optimize your operations, and maintain your ELD compliance at once with this device.

In this AT&T Fleet Complete ELD review, we will dive into the details of this ELD and what it can offer for your fleet, including the features and benefits, potential disadvantages, specifications, pricing, and more. We’ll even help you get a firsthand look with user reviews and insight on what other drivers and fleet managers are saying about the Fleet Complete system from AT&T. Keep reading to learn more.

Pros and Cons of the AT&T Fleet Complete ELD

If you want a quick look at this system, check out the benefits and potential disadvantages below.

  • Affordable, comparable pricing
  • Reliable DIVR tracking and logging
  • Robust back-end software and tools
  • Accurate time and mileage information
  • Risk notifications and violation alerts
  • Simple setup and installation
  • Ability to modify the driving status
  • Speeds up vehicle inspections with easy-access records and logs
  • App has some flaws and failure issues on certain devices
  • Lacking some user functionalities
  • Occasional service outages or areas without service

AT&T Fleet Complete ELD Specifications

Compliance FMCSA-Certified
Device Smartphone, Tablet
Customer Support Online Tickets (Email), Direct Email, Phone, and Resource Portal
Basic Features DVIR, IFTA reporting, mobile fleet tracking, two-way communication, real-time tracking and logging, violation and HOS alerts, offline data access
Payment Made Variable monthly subscription rate, no hardware cost upfront

Features of the AT&T Fleet Complete ELD 2020

several features stand out and make the Fleet Complete ELD one that should be on everyone’s list to at least consider when it comes to investing in a quality ELD solution. Some features will matter more to others, but they all provide their own benefits. Reduced operating costs, increased efficiency, and even a better business reputation can all be yours when you integrate this platform. Here are some of the most popular features of the AT&T Fleet Complete ELD.

Two-Way Communication in Real-Time

The real-time communication feature in the Fleet Complete ELD makes it easy for information to be shared between vehicles, mobile workers, operations and back-end staff, and others. Driver logs and alerts are included, but AT&T also allows you to run reports for previous activity. It has never been easier to keep in touch and keep track of your fleet in real-time.

Centralized Reporting and Logging

In addition to having everything stored in your system, you can upload all your AT&T Fleet Complete data to the centralized database, which will reduce the time, cost, and workload involved in administrative activities. Plus, you can access data offline (which we’ll discuss in a minute) with audit-ready IFTA reports, and automated HOS and DVIR reports that are always ready for presenting on request.

Mobile Fleet Tracking App

In addition to the back-end software, AT&T also allows you to track your fleet through the mobile app, which is available on iOS and Android. This app makes it easy for you to monitor things on the go from any tablet or smartphone that has access to the internet. You no longer have to call the office, get the status, and then call the driver to discuss the next load or whatever you may need. You can log in to the app, check to see where your drivers are, and reach out to them right away. Plus, the app can be set up for multiple users.

Offline Data Access

The FieldWorker module allows you to store information in the central database for Fleet Complete records, which then allows you to access that data from anywhere. Even if you are offline, the system will provide you with access to your information. Once an Internet connection is detected,

Automatic Duty Status Updates

When the system detects movement that is more than five miles per hour, it will immediately change the duty status to “Driving”, even if the driver forgets to do so. This ensures that you can eliminate violations, maintain good CSA scores, and reduce unwanted attention from the DOT.

Comprehensive DVIR Recording

There is the typical inspection checklist for DVIR logging, but this app also includes a mechanic portal to provide access to defect and maintenance logs as needed. The reports that have been created previously, even by other drivers, can also be accessed from the software platform so that a timeline of events or maintenance can be created.

Disadvantages of the AT&T Fleet Complete ELD

While there aren’t a lot of complaints about this ELD solution, nothing is perfect. This system lacks a little bit of user ability when compared to similar ELDs, so be sure to compare the functions and tools of the interface to what you need before you make a decision. There are also reports of occasional service outages, but this is less of an issue since records are stored in a centralized database and easy to access offline when necessary.

The mobile app is one area in which a lot of users report difficulty. The Fleet Complete App has been reported to fail quite frequently, on both iOS and Android platforms. Those looking to utilize the app for managing their fleet more than the back-office software will want to keep this in mind. Of course, since the company is aware of the issue, it’s presumed that they are working to fix the issue. Like many companies, they probably wanted to get a functional, compliant ELD to market in time to meet the mandate deadline and plan to make improvements moving forward.

AT&T Fleet Complete Pricing

This system doesn’t require a hardware investment of any kind. This is an affordable ELD solution and all of the monthly subscription plans cost less than $50 per vehicle. Those who are on a tight budget or have a smaller fleet will enjoy the more affordable solution and the wider selection of available plan options compared to what most ELD providers offer. Exact pricing models are not provided until a quote is requested, but the plans seem to be diverse and competitive from the information that we were able to gather.

What’s Included

In this package, you’ll get all of the tools and hardware that you need to track and communicate with your vehicles, assets, and mobile workers. An ECM cable and OBD-II connector are provided for easy installation, and the Fleet Complete system also comes with a Fleet Tracker, Asset Tracker, and Action Tracker.

The Fleet Tracker is designed to make logging simpler, offering GPS tracking that monitors engine activity and offers real-time insights into how your fleet operates. The Asset Tracker is designed to keep track of your assets at all times, check their fuel level and charge status, and help you keep track of your vehicles at any point in the delivery process. Finally, the Action Tracker will monitor driver behaviors to track things like excessive speed and harsh braking, which are not only dangerous but can also impact fuel costs and result in extra maintenance costs.

What Other Users Are Saying

The AT&T Fleet Complete system has gotten a lot of great reviews from various clients since its debut, offering you a firsthand look at what the system is capable of. In addition to a host of simple reviews doting on the quality of service and the ease of use of the system, there are more detailed reviews available that point out things like:

  • Innovation and technology to assist drivers daily
  • Easy equipment tracking for large fleets
  • Great for assisting and providing better service to customers
  • Offers unique training and support for those new to ELDs
  • Works on the AT&T wireless network, offering more reliable connectivity

Ultimately, although there are a few minor complaints here and there, the AT&T Fleet Complete ELD has a lot of features to appreciate. People report that the app is continuously improving and the GPS feature is extremely accurate and reliable. The biggest complaints from users are in tiny technical details, although some do report a less-than-savory experience with customer service. Consider all of these things when you’re comparing your options for an ELD.

Beyond Compliance: The Benefits of ELDs

The benefits of ELDs are one area that we like to touch on. Beyond just meeting compliance regulations, you will also find many perks to installing fleet management software with ELDs like the Fleet Complete system. Here are some of the most popular benefits of choosing well-designed ELDs from reputable brands:

  1. Reduced Operating Costs: When you integrate the right ELD, you will be able to reduce how much your company is spending on fleet management, operations, and other elements. You can even reduce administrative costs, maintenance costs, and more. It’s all about improving efficiency and that helps lower your expenses through automation and real-time tracking.
  2. Real-Time Communication and Tracking: One thing that wastes a lot of time in the commercial fleet industry is the downtime lost to communication delays. With real-time ELD programs, two-way communication can ensure that everyone is always on the same page.
  3. Faster Inspections and Audits: When you have automated tracking and digital records, you will have a much simpler time dealing with DOT authorities and others who want to know more about the activities of your fleet. These systems will provide instant access to current and past reports and logs and can even produce audit-ready IFTA reports.
  4. Improved Reputation and CSA Score: This system has all kinds of features in place to ensure that vehicles are always operating within the law and guidelines of the ELD. It will report excess speed, off-route activity, and unauthorized use or activity. Violations will result in an instant notification and automatic change in duty status, which will help reduce unsafe driving habits and eliminate bad drivers from your roster.
  5. Mobile-Ready: The Fleet Complete system specifically is designed to be the ideal solution for a mobile workforce. Rather than relying on desktop computers and back-office dispatching staff, this system is available on mobile, even for management, allowing everyone to access the information that they need from anywhere and offer more effective communication between all parties.

These are the biggest advantages of integrating a reputable fleet management and ELD solution like the AT&T Fleet Complete ELD.

Conclusion: Is the AT&T Fleet Complete ELD Right for You?

Conclusion: Is the AT&T Fleet Complete ELD Right for You?

With so many features and tools, the AT&T Fleet Complete ELD is certainly one of the most comprehensive tracking solutions on the market today. It is not the only solution, however, and it might not be ideal for those who aren’t on the go as frequently. You’ll need to compare the benefits and features of this to other ELDs to decide which one best suits your specific needs. The lack of upfront hardware pricing is a perk, but that is offset by the requirement of a monthly subscription, which some fleet owners are trying to avoid.

This ELD does come with the backing of support and service from a communications giant and can give you all of the tools that you need to effectively monitor and manage your fleet while ensuring that everyone complies with the new ELD mandate. Whether you have 10 trucks or 200, when you need a mobile-ready, reputable ELD solution, Fleet Complete could be just what you need.


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