Automile ELD 2020

Is Automile a Good ELD Choice for Your Company?

If you are considering Automile ELD for your electronic logging device, read on to learn more about what the system can offer you and your vehicle fleet.

When you are in the market for an electronic logging device for your fleet of vehicles, you have many things that you have to consider. Not only will you need to be sure you are choosing a device that is FMSCA-compliant, but you also want to ensure that it is easy to use and has a range of features to help your business. With this Automile ELD 2020 review, you can get a better look at what it offers and whether it could be a good solution for your fleet.

A great ELD will help you to stay in compliance with the law, and it will also help with many different areas of driver and fleet management. Below, we will be looking at the features that the Automile ELD can provide, as well as some of the potential drawbacks of using this system for your fleet. This will help to ensure you are making a good, sound purchasing decision for your electronic logging device.

Pros and Cons of Automile ELD

Let’s look at the lists below to see some of the pros of using the Automile ELD, as well as some of the cons that are associated with the product. You must look at both the good and the bad when you are making your decision.

  • Easy to use
  • Quality customer service
  • Real-time vehicle location
  • Track driver behaviors
  • Complies with the ELD mandate
  • Affordable
  • Software is not as robust as some people might like
  • Customer service only available during business hours

Specs for Automile ELD

Below are some of the basic specs for the Automile ELD. Looking at these specs can give you an idea of whether it will work for your needs or not.

Compliance FMCSA-Certified
Device Phone or Tablet with Tracking Devices Installed in Car
Customer Support Online and Phone Support During Business Hours
Basic Features Hours of Service, Dispatch Management, Employee Management, Routing, VIN Lookup, GPS tracking
Payment Made Free trial, and then monthly fee per vehicle (several plans are available)

Features of the Automile ELD

When you are choosing an ELD, you will always want to make sure you go through the features of the device and app to make sure it will provide you with everything that you need. Like other ELDs, you will find that the Automile ELD is compliant with all of the regulations that are in place today. You can be sure that your drivers and your company will be complying with the laws when you use the device. In addition to being compliant, you will find that there are many different benefits to using this system.

Easy Installation and Use

You can opt for an Automile Box, which is a plug and play device that will install into the OBD port of vehicles that have been made from 1996 onward. There is also an option for the Automile Hub, which is a fixed installation that will work for heavy-duty trucks. The app is easy to install and will connect to the device through Bluetooth, providing the app with vital information from the truck’s computer.

The platform can be installed on Windows or Macs, and it is supported by iOS and Android for phones. The system is easy to use, and there are options for in-person training, as well as through video and documentation based on your needs and location. Once the app is installed, there is no large learning curve. The training options we’ve mentioned will help to get everyone up and running on the system quickly.

Driver Management

Using quality ELD systems like the Automile ELD can help with driver management, as well. It will be able to provide management with more information about their drivers, so they can create better schedules for them. You can follow driver behavior, fuel management, inspection management, mileage tracking, know which drivers are in which vehicles, and much more. Having this type of information at your fingertips will make the management of drivers much easier.

Of course, the drivers will also have an easier time. The ELD makes tracking hours and miles easier, as it will all be calculated for them. The days of filling out paperwork and then calling dispatch at the end of the day – and hoping that everything is logged correctly – are over.

Drivers will also appreciate that there will be less time spent talking with dispatch. Since dispatch can get all of the pertinent information they need through the system, they will not have to talk with the driver several times a day. The driver doesn’t have to stop to answer calls about where they are and when they will arrive. This lets them focus on driving, so they can be more efficient, not to mention safer.

If there is an emergency and the driver needs help for one reason or another, it is easy to contact dispatch through the app. It will also provide the company with the driver’s exact location, so that’s one less thing the driver will have to worry about in an emergency.

Fleet Management

The office dashboard can be accessed by fleet managers, who will have access to all of the data they need. They can tell which trucks are on the move and which trucks are idle. They will know the driver status, vehicle location, fuel consumption of each of the vehicles, and much more. All of this information helps them make better decisions not just for individual drivers, but for the entire fleet.

When the entire fleet is operating efficiently, it can also help you to attract more customers. This is because the use of an ELD can help to improve your Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) score. Many customers that are looking for trucking companies will look at this score before they decide to contract with the company or not. Companies with good scores tend to have more customers.

GPS Tracking

Another one of the nice features of choosing this option for fleet management and ELD is GPS tracking. The system will provide 15-second real-time tracking, so you will always be able to pinpoint exactly where each of the vehicles in your fleet is located.

You will be able to get alerts and notifications, check historical reporting, and provide routing. Routing is essential for several reasons. It will let you create the best routes for your drivers to ensure that they are taking the best, fastest and safest routes to their destination. By looking at the results of the route once the driver arrives, you can see if there might be issues with that route that you will need to revisit. Perhaps it’s a good idea to reroute through certain areas at times of the day that have heavier traffic, for example.

Additionally, being able to track the vehicle can provide added safety for the drivers. If the vehicle goes off the route, it could indicate that there is something wrong, such as the vehicle being stolen.

DVIR and Roadside Inspections

With the ELD, the drivers can enter information for their daily vehicle inspection reports. These reports help to ensure the safety of the vehicle’s lights, brakes, turn signals, and more. Once they finish the report, they can upload it to the system, where it will be logged and ready to go in the event of a roadside inspection.

Having all of this information available for the inspectors helps to expedite these inspections. They can look at the data in the app to see that the inspections were done, and the vehicle was in good shape. The system helps to get the drivers back on the road faster.

Pricing of the System

Naturally, companies want to find a solution that will provide them with the features they need, but that will still be affordable enough for them to use for their entire fleet. When it comes to the monthly costs, you will be hard-pressed to find a company that is more affordable than Automile. According to the pricing information that is currently on the company’s site, the cost for Automile starts at $19.90 per month per vehicle, and they have a free trial.

Let’s look at the two options that are available to see what each of them offers.

Pro Service

  • Real-time map
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Geofencing
  • Vehicle inspections
  • FMSCA-certified hours of service
  • $19.90 per month per vehicle

Enterprise Service

  • Fleet management with real-time map
  • Idling
  • Speeding
  • Advanced routing
  • Utilization
  • Driving behavior and more
  • $25.90 per vehicle per month

Which of these options is the best solution for your company?

Potential Issues with the Automile ELD

While there are many great reasons to consider this ELD, there are also some potential issues that you will want to know about before buying. It’s easy to use, but some wish that the software could do more and that it was compatible with more products.

Customer service is good in terms of getting back to people and providing them with the help and guidance they need. However, support is only available during business hours. Many wish that there was active support around the clock.

These tend to be minor issues with an ELD that is otherwise top-notch. Still, you will want to consider whether any of these issues might make you want to choose a different electronic logging device.

Why Are ELDs Essential for Your Fleet?

Today, there is an ELD mandate that requires all fleets of vehicles to use an electronic logging device in each of their vehicles. The ELD, at its most basic level, is required to record a company’s compliance with hours of service requirements. It ensures that drivers are not putting more hours behind the wheel than is safe.

The ELDs will electronically track the driver’s hours of service, and it can provide alerts to the driver and management if they are getting close to going over their hours. ELDs need to be certified to be used for this purpose. They synchronize with the vehicle’s engine by getting information through a device that is connected to the port on the vehicle. This sends the data to the application, which is then logged. The logs can be seen in real-time or near real-time, allowing for better management of drivers and the entire fleet.

Not using ELDs in the vehicle is a violation of the law. They aren’t just a good idea to have, they are now a requirement. It’s a requirement that many people have embraced because these devices have so many other benefits. For example, they have provided a better way to take care of all of the work that was once done by hand. Everything is streamlined and automated, so the drivers don’t have to spend so much time filling out their paperwork at the end of the day and then sending that information to the office.

When you also consider all of the other benefits that ELDs can offer, such as those mentioned above for Automile ELD, it is easier to see their advantage for your fleet.

Conclusion: Is the Automile ELD the Right Choice?

Now that you have had a chance to look at all of the benefits that are available with the Automile ELD, are you ready to make this your fleet’s ELD? It has a good reputation, it’s very affordable, and it is easy to use. You can make improvements to your fleet, your routing, help to improve the behaviors of your drivers, and you can keep track of all of the vehicles. There are plenty of benefits to this ELD, and the pros certainly outweigh the cons.

However, each fleet and business is different. Take the time to look at this ELD and other options you are considering, which will help determine which one will be the best solution for your needs.


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