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ELD compliance is the law of the land, but getting on the right side of regulation doesn’t need to break the bank. Check out BigRoad DashLink ELD for the most affordable solution.

Being an owner-operator or having a small fleet is already a challenge in today’s trucking industry. For folks who try to go their own way, there’s always a risk of equipment breaking down, narrow profit margins, and now increased regulation that all amounts to pressure and stress. While the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) 2017 ELD mandate was intended to improve driving conditions and keep roads safe, it has taken an enormous toll on the free-spirited owner-operator community. Even small to mid-size fleet operations have felt the strain of adapting to new technology and updating systems.

Fortunately, BigRoad is here to alleviate some of these growing pains that folks might still be experiencing. Their DashLink ELD is perfect for small mom and pop operations or those who are just cost-conscious for more significant profits. BigRoad’s tech solutions are designed to give owner-operators and carriers the relief of compliance, while also providing a variety of budget-friendly options. Check out this ultimate review of BigRoad’s Dashlink ELD for features and pricing to take your business operations to the next level.

A Bit About BigRoad

BigRoad doesn’t just talk the talk when it comes to supporting truck drivers across North America. They put their money where their mouth is and show their commitment to bringing high-quality solutions that are accessible to everyone in the industry. BigRoad garnered buzz around their product from truckers after releasing a free version of their ELD app so that all drivers could experience the ease of electronically logging their hours and mileage. Truckers pushed this app to the top, giving it a 4.5-star rating and making BigRoad’s free app one of the most downloaded ELD apps.

BigRoad’s popularity didn’t go unnoticed, and in 2017 they won Frost & Sullivan’s North American Electronic Logging Device Solutions Customer Value Leadership Award. This recognition separates BigRoad from the pack as they are well-known throughout the trucking industry for bringing 21st-century solutions and compliance to drivers regardless of their income. According to the company, more than 350,000 drivers and 30,000 fleets trust BigRoad with their compliance needs. By choosing this product, you’ll never be alone on the road.

BigRoad continues with this mindset and focuses on creating solutions to help owner-operators and small to mid-size fleets problem-solve around their biggest challenges. To accommodate the unique needs of different sized businesses and sectors, BigRoad offers various plans at different price points. Owner-operators can grab an ELD package for as low as $19.50 per month per user, while major carriers might opt for the all-inclusive, ultimate bundle, which is still only $47 per month per user. These plans give you the features you need to manage your fleet, stay in compliance, and never sweat another inspection.

DashLink ELD - How It Works

According to Frost and Sullivan, owner-operators were slow to comply with the 2017 ELD mandate. Per their analysis, ELDs had only penetrated 5-6% of this sub-group, making them an untapped market. BigRoad has filled this hole by consistently providing products like the DashLink ELD that makes compliance affordable and accessible.

The DashLink ELD is the compliance tool at the forefront of BigRoad’s catalog. The DashLink device is what they call a “plug-and-play,” meaning it can be quickly attached to the engine control module and paired with the BigRoad Mobile App and BigRoad Web App. The BigRoad app is available for download on any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. That way, drivers and companies can use their devices and eliminate the need for expensive hardware.

Once the device is set and paired with the device of your choice, it will begin collecting data straight from your truck’s engine and transmitting it directly to the BigRoad app. This means drivers, dispatchers, fleet managers, and everyone in between can have access to all the information they need at the touch of a button. The DashLink automatically tracks driver’s Hours of Service (HOS), allows for easy duty status updates, and shows traffic conditions. With this level of tracking, driver’s can feel confident during every roadside inspection.

What You’re Getting

With the DashLink ELD, you can expect more than just FMCSA compliance. This ELD comes with plenty of features for an instant return on investment. Long gone are the days of pencil and paper tracking, and drivers can now easily log their hours of service. The countdown clock also sends alerts to drivers when they’re at risk of a violation, so you always know when it’s time for a break. These notifications significantly lower the risk of drowsy driving or reckless behaviors since drivers get the rest they need to recharge for another day on the road.

The DashLink ELD is also designed for use in the U.S. and Canada. The ruleset support ensures that no matter where you’re driving, you remain in compliance with local regulations. This saves time on keeping track of these rules and keeps your mind entirely focused on the task-at-hand, driving.

For those with multiple trucks or a fleet, you can also use the DashLink for team driving. Drivers can simply sign in and out of the app to switch so that you’re always in compliance. When drivers switch, the app prompts them to conduct a post-trip inspection before signing out, and the new driver will do a pre-trip inspection once signed in. This system cuts down on risk and allows you to track individual driver behavior, mileage, and safety.

BigRoad DashLink ELD
ELD Compliant YES
ELD Compliant YES
Mobile App Available for download on iOS and Android phones/tablets
Installation Easy plug-and-play set-up
Pricing Affordable plans available at each price point for different features
For Drivers ●      Inspect app for fast, electronic DVIR, pre- and post-inspections, and submitting repair requests

●      Log and track HOS

●      Easily change duty status

●      Alerts for violations

For Managers ●      Fleet management solutions available

○      Geofencing tech

○      GPS tracking for accurate ETAs and efficient routing

○      Historical data

○      Engine health diagnostics

●      FieldWorkers

○      Streamline paperwork and processes

○      Electronic signing

Driver-Centered Design

The BigRoad DashLink and app are clearly designed with drivers in mind. Since the app can be used on any iOS or Android phone or tablet, drivers can log in on a device that they are familiar and comfortable with using. This cuts down on training time and gets drivers quickly up and running on this new system.

The mobile app also lets drivers focus on the road, rather than thinking about tracking and mileage. The DashLink transmits mileage data straight from the odometer and eliminates the need for manual logging and record-keeping. It’s also incredibly easy to change duty status and reduces errors in logging hours.

Drivers will also appreciate that DashLink makes it easy to track personal conveyance. There is a duty status specifically for off-duty vehicle-use so that you stay in compliance while driving home. This keeps supervisors in the know-how, so there’s never a question of where your truck has been.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Being a fleet manager certainly keeps you on your toes and requires a sharp eye for detail and real-time delegation. With BigRoad’s compliance solutions, you’ll develop more streamlined processes for better organization and less chaos. While the basic ELD package doesn’t include all of these features, you can upgrade plans to get the most out of BigRoad’s technology.

Fleet Tracker

BigRoad’s fleet tracking technology makes sure surprises never catch a fleet manager off guard. With this capability, fleet managers can search and locate any truck in their fleet with a few clicks. Once a vehicle is located, supervisors can check on the driver’s speed and monitor aggressive or abnormal driving behaviors. Using accurate data to check-in on drivers makes the roads safer, keeps drivers accountable, and protects your company.

Tracking fleets also helps dispatchers schedule routes and give customers precise estimated times of arrival. Back-end employees are authorized to view a driver’s data to sort through available hours and use this to delegate tasks for increased efficiency. BigRoad makes assigning tasks to field employees effortless through their app. Field employees can view tasks and accept or decline them so that managers can continuously evaluate and prioritize based on workflow. Communication like this will strengthen your team, decrease errors, and increase productivity.

A big part of the return on investment you’ll experience comes from BigRoad’s engine health tracking. With fleet management, you can receive alerts about dying batteries or failing engine systems. This allows managers to schedule repairs before a major blowout occurs, saving your company time, money, and potentially lives. Repair requests can be made by admin or drivers, and are sent to a mechanic portal so that your mechanic is notified and can update you electronically on the status of repairs.

Fleet managers can also customize their back-end interface to meet the needs of their company. It is easy to modify the parameters, alerts, and how often reports generate so that you have the data you need, exactly when you need it.


A big barrier to updating systems, besides cost, is getting employees on board with new technology solutions. However, BigRoad makes this switch accessible and will free up staff from mundane paper shuffling. Their FieldWorker add-ons are an excellent tool for those running a bigger fleet operation looking to eliminate manual processes. With this technology, you can design and manage electronic forms for your specific processes. It also makes for quick and painless data entry that is less prone to human error.

Speedy DVIR app

Truckers and fleet managers know that pencil and paper DVIRs can be headaches when processing and getting sign-off. BigRoad has the answer for solving this challenge and advertises the Inspect App as a perfect pair to their DashLink ELD. This app is fully integrated with the Fleet Complete platform and lets drivers log their vehicle inspection electronically. Drivers can conduct their pre- and post-trip inspections and instantly report any defects to their mechanic. This app also allows for electronic signatures so that everything is captured and visible on the online portal.

Dashcams and Asset Trackers

Dashcams and Asset Trackers

If you’re looking for an even more advanced system, try pairing the DashLink with a BigRoad dashcam. Dashcams are not meant to be a “gotcha” for drivers, but rather support their training and development as well as exonerate drivers facing false claims. If you go with BigRoad solutions, you can access their Advanced Driver Assistance System, which provides coaching for drivers around issues with excessive speeding, missing traffic stops, braking, and tailgating.

Their A1 asset tracker is also helpful for fleets with heavy machinery, equipment, or other vehicles that are vulnerable to theft or misuse. These asset trackers are durable and tough so that no matter where they’re stationed, you can rely on accurate data.

Our Take

While BigRoad has some great features and affordable prices, this solution is best for those running a budget operation, and are looking for compliance and streamlined processes. The DashLink ELD receives a ton of applause from owner-operators and drivers because the tech is so simple to use. However, the low price tag also means you’ll miss some of the advanced features included in some higher-end ELD systems. You might consider reallocating resources to get your hands on a pricier contract if you’re looking for Bluetooth pairing, WiFi hotspots, document sharing, and advanced fuel management.

For users that wanted a budget option, the feedback has been immensely positive. A longtime customer wrote for Sullivan and Frost, “With BigRoad, I don’t have to know every element of DOT compliance anymore…It’s taken care of for me. That’s a huge comfort!” This glowing review of BigRoad demonstrates how their DashLink ELD system takes the weight off of your shoulders so that you can focus on business operations and of course, driving.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Flexible plans for every price point
  • App available on iOS and Android smart devices
  • Easy to install
  • Training and how-to videos on the website
  • 24/7 customer service on the website
  • ELD compliant
  • Lacks some premium features
  • No WiFi hotspot
  • Device battery impacts app performance

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