CarrierWeb CarrierMate ELD

Is This a Good ELD System for Your Trucks?

Are you searching for an ELD for your vehicle fleet? Check out the CarrierWeb CarrierMate ELD review and see if it might be a nice solution for your business.

When you are looking for a quality ELD for your company’s vehicle fleet, you know that you can’t afford to choose a product that’s going to let you down.

These devices are essential for a fleet today, so you can be sure you are complying with the regulations that are in place for commercial vehicles. CarrierWeb is a well-known company that offers a range of transportation technology including an ELD called CarrierMate. In the CarrierWeb CarrierMate review that follows, we will be looking deeper into the features that this system can offer.

We will also look at some of the potential drawbacks or cons of using this system. It’s always important to know whether the ELD you are considering for your business will be worth the money and the time it takes to learn the system. The CarrierWeb CarrierMate could be a good solution for you but check out the review to be sure.

Pros and Cons of the CarrierWeb CarrierMate

Before looking into all of the features and benefits the ELD can offer, let’s take a quick look at some of the biggest pros and cons of the CarrierMate from CarrierWeb. This can help you more easily determine if it could be a good option for your needs or not.

  • Easy to install
  • Simple interface
  • Affordable
  • Provides some advanced features
  • Editing logs can be time-consuming
  • Not as streamlined as some other options

How Does the System Work?

The job of CarrierMate, once you have it installed, is to monitor the working hours of the driver, as well as the engine. The information that’s gleaned can help to improve your fuel efficiency, while providing the location of the truck in real-time, and it can quickly create accurate hour of service reports. The system can connect with SpeedGauge and ALK CoPilot GPS, as mentioned above, to provide an even more robust set of features.

It works by syncing with the CarrierWeb platform. This is where all of the data from the device will be uploaded and stored securely. Users will then be able to log into the system to get access when it is needed.

While all of the features seem very technological, you will find that the system itself is easy to install. All you will need to do to get started is attach it to the OBD port that’s located in the truck. It should install simply on most trucks. There are also options for using a 6-pin or 9-pin connector to add it to the vehicle. Once the connections have been made, and you have installed the hardware, you can turn on the device and get started with all of the features it offers.

The system will come with an installation manual. Always make sure that you follow the installation manual to the letter to ensure you have added the device to your truck properly. The device is FMCSA-compliant, so you will not have to worry about whether the system meets the regulations.

Specs of the CarrierMate

Here are some of the basic specs for the ELD to give you an idea of what it can offer.

Compliance FMCSA-Certified
Device Tablet
Customer Support 24/7
Basic Features Hours of Service, Driving Time, Unlimited Data Communication,  Optional Truck Attribute Navigation, Automation
Payment Made Monthly

Features of the CarrierWeb CarrierMate

CarrierWeb has been in the field of creating technology for transportation since 2003. They have continued to stay on the edge of innovation, providing a range of quality devices and pieces of software to help companies with transportation needs. From refrigerated management to fuel management, trailer management, and fleet management, they have a range of options for businesses of all sizes. The CarrierMate system is their answer to fleet management, and you will find that it provides a range of features and benefits that help to make it such a popular solution. It is a Mobile Communication System that is always on, which means you will get more data and information when you use the service than you might with other ELD options. It helps to make fleet management easier and is a solution that will allow many different actions. The company uses a web-based system for its devices, which allows for all of those devices to be hooked up to the same system. It will make it easier for you to send and receive messages to others in the business, for example. This will make it easy for those who are assigning drivers work to reach those drivers and vice versa. There are no limits to communication since there will be unlimited data. You will be able to configure the web-based software interface and the reports easily, and you can send and receive information about job orders, trip data, fuel consumption analysis, text messages, and more.

Electronic Logs

The electronic logs are easy to use for drivers and managers. They will let you keep accurate track of the drivers in the fleet, the number of hours they have driven, the location of the drivers, and more. The logs also help to ensure that the drivers are complying with the ELD regulations that are in place.

SpeedGauge Integration

One of the other features that you might like about the system is SpeedGauge. You can integrate this system to determine the speed limits on various roads where your drivers will be driving. You can then notify your drivers to help reduce the risk that they will be pulled over.

Simple Workflow and Easy Installation

Simple Workflow and Easy Installation

Others will find that the layout and workflow of the system help to make it easy to use for drivers and managers. As soon as the data has been put into the system, it will be stored and available to access.

Users will also be happy that the system is easy to install. Those who have to use the system will find that there is not a large learning curve to understand how to use it properly.

There are different installation modes, and the device even comes with an installation guide. You will always want to follow the instructions in the guide to ensure you have it set up properly in your vehicles.

GPS Option Available as an Add-On

If you would also like to have a GPS service added to the system, it’s possible. This could replace other GPS that you might be using. The ALK CoPilot GPS navigation will cost extra each month, but many find that it is worth the added cost. Another optional add-on for the system is in-cab scanning via the network.

Issues with the CarrierMate System

While the ELD does have some nice benefits, it is also important to remember that there are some issues that some users have found with the system. One of the problems that some have had is with making edits to the logs. They can be complicated and it’s not as intuitive as some might like. Others have not been able to change their logs at all, even when they get help from a supervisor.

Some have also said that the speed is slower than what they would like and that the interface is not as sleek and streamlined as some of the other options that are in use today. These are not necessarily reasons to stay away from the system entirely, but you will certainly want to take notes of the cons when you are making your purchase decision.

As always, you should learn as much as possible about the equipment you are considering for your business when buying. This is true from the trucks you are using to the ELD that you have in place.

Benefits of Choosing CarrierMate

Now that you have a better idea of some of the features that are available with the system, it may be easier to see why so many people are choosing to use this option despite some of the flaws that it might have.

When you use CarrierMate, it can help you to save fuel since you can track the working and the idling hours of the vehicles. This data can help the drivers to manage the way they are driving better and can help you to improve your scheduling. Perhaps certain times of the day have too much traffic, which causes the trucks to sit in traffic longer and waste gas, for example.

Improving the efficiency, productivity, and the safety of the drivers is another one of the benefits that you can find when you start to use an ELD like CarrierMate from CarrierWeb. You will have an overview of your fleet, which means that it will be easy to know where your trucks are located, who is driving now, how many hours they can drive and when they need to stop. This ensures that drivers are complying with the law and getting off the road before they are too tired to drive. Creating schedules and providing jobs to drivers is easier, as well.

Server-based geofencing is one of the other benefits available with the system, and it can provide you with some added security. It will be able to provide you with instant exception alerts if the truck is not on the defined route that it is supposed to take. This can let you know if there might be an issue, such as the truck being stolen. You can then try to contact the driver. Knowing of a problem as soon as possible will make it possible to alert the authorities faster.

Not only will it make the drivers safer, but it ensures your drivers and the entire company are complying with the mandated hours of service. Using an ELD ensures there will be no errors made in the reporting, as well, which makes the entire process of record-keeping much easier.

What a Great ELD Will Do for Your Business

First of all, companies that have commercial fleets will need to have an ELD to ensure they are complying with the laws. It’s no longer possible to simply log everything down by hand with paper and pen. However, having a quality ELD is about far more than just making sure that you are following the regulations. It can offer several other benefits, as well.

Naturally, you want to have a business that is as efficient as possible. When you have a piece of hardware and software that can track your vehicles, as well as the hours the driver is putting in, you will find that it is easier to make your schedules. You will know if certain drivers have already driven too much, how many more hours they can drive for the day, their driving habits, and more. This information can help those drivers to streamline their routes.

Drivers will be pleased to have an ELD because it makes it so much easier to take care of what would normally be a tedious process of tracking hours. It’s done through the app, which will help them to save a lot of time that would better be spent driving. The drivers will also like the fact that it will be easier to communicate with the home office when they are on the road. Since the CarrierMate hooks up to the OBD port, it will make accurate tracking simple.

These are just some of the reasons you will want to take your time to find a quality ELD like the CarrierMate for your fleet.

Conclusion: Is CarrierWeb CarrierMate a Good Idea for Your Business?

There are many ELD choices on the market today, and you always want to choose the one that’s best for your needs. We’ve seen that CarrierMate can provide a range of features and benefits that can help to keep your company in compliance with the governmental regulations. It can help to improve productivity, reduce fuel consumption, and keep the drivers safe.

Even with the potential flaws that some have found with the system, it could still be a good option for your business to consider. It’s not necessarily the cheapest option on the market, but it does have a good record in the field.


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