Ezlogz ELD 2020

Ezlogz ELD is noted as an all-in-one solution to make a truck driver’s work easier, safer, and in line with all government and industry mandates.

The Ezlogz ELD is designed as the ultimate answer to a truck driver’s need for comprehensive logging. It is feature-rich, and though it handles the many facets required for logging, it is also unique in its inclusion of a social component, and more. Is it for you? This in-depth Ezlogz ELD 2020 review is designed to offer you the insight needed to make the choice.

It may not seem like all that long ago when the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which is under the U.S. Department of Transportation’s authority, began to require documentation of driving hours. First, it was via paper logs and reporting, and only recently (in 2017) did it become mandatory that logging is done electronically.

This was the birth of the ELD or electronic logging device. Why did this occur? Essentially, a notable increase in accidents and deaths involving trucks and buses cued the DOT to re-evaluate the logging requirements. This was after reviews of accident-related data indicated that roughly 15% of accidents were due to truck driver fatigue.

Are You Required to Use an ELD?

If you are uncertain whether you are obliged to use an ELD, the basic guidelines for the FMCSA mandate are below. It is mandatory:

  • If a truck weighs more than 10,000 pounds
  • If the gross or gross combination weight rating is over 10,000 pounds
  • If the vehicle is transporting any hazardous materials in quantities requiring a placard
  • If the vehicle is made to carry at least nine individuals for compensation
  • If the vehicle is made to transport at least 16 people including the driver for non-compensation purposes

There are also requirements for those driving trucks after the year 2000, trucks that travel more than 150 miles from their point of origin, and if a trucking company has more than eight logbook records for a driver or truck each month. If you fall under a single category itemized above, you need an ELD.

Ezlogz ELD 2020 – Far Beyond the Basics

To understand how advanced the Ezlogz ELD is, we need to first understand just what the most basic ELD is intended to offer.

The ELD is a device that can monitor speed, mileage, hours on the road, and even some driving habits. It may also document the driver’s location, and may be able to note when a truck’s engine is running and whether or not it is parked or in motion.

Most can connect to a tablet or smartphone and give even more details about the drive time, also known as hours of service or HOS. This allows a fleet manager to more accurately gauge the driver’s performance, and even notify them that they need to stop for a break.

Key among any ELD’s work is to document when a driver is off-duty, driving, or even at rest and sleeping. The ELD is going to usually report all of this data to the trucking company or headquarters. It puts all of the information in a format to ensure that inspections, audits, and other requirements are easier and far more accurate.

A company can face big fines and penalties if they fail to comply with the mandate, and if avoiding penalties is a trucking company’s goal, the Ezlogz ELD will help. If you are wondering if it helps with whatever documentation and paperwork are needed, with fuel management, and with labor costs, it does that too!

Now that you understand the what and why of an ELD, let’s dig into that Ezlogz ELD 2020 Review to see how many benefits and features it offers.

The One of a Kind Ezlogz ELD

The makers of the Ezlogz ELD say this about their “all in one solution,” describing it as: “Packed with state-of-the-art features to make every truck driver´s life on the road as easy as it can be. It will be with you along every step of the way, helping you to plan your journey, navigate, stay in touch with other truck drivers, family and friends, store and retrieve important documents instantly, and a lot more… Ezlogz is much more than just another electronic logbook app.” As the leading FMCSA approved ELD provider, Ezlogz has a lot to brag about, and a list of its specifications or features would include:


Feature Description
ELD Begin using the electronic logbook feature with a click of a button on your mobile device. Once the app is loaded, the features are unlocked and ready to use.

Comes at a low monthly fee and without any added fees for the ELD unit. No contract, auto offline mode, violation alerts, and self-setting of cycle and time zone.

It also features an innovative document scan and attach BOL, a HOS recap calculation, driver alerts, and loads of diagnostics. There is a vehicle diagnostic that tracks fault codes and other issues.

There is an electronic DVIR or Driver Vehicle Inspection Report that can generate the document with a single click.

IFTA or International Fuel Tax Agreement returns are both calculated and processed through the app.

Drivers can use it to plan trips, share logs via email, and more.

It also runs in an Inspections Mode, preventing unauthorized use when the phone is handled by a DOT officer. And features in-fleet messaging to make communication between drivers and management easier.

Trip Planner Offering pre-planning options, the trip planner is a remarkable bonus in the Ezlogz ELD. It lets a driver input their origin and destination, and the software then calculates the time of arrival in consideration of logbook hours, breaks, fuel stops, speed limits, and more.

It includes GPS tracking and geofencing, updates locations in offline mode if there is a break in communications, and gives live location tracking on a vehicle.

Trucker Trip Planner Different from the static trip planner, this determines the driver’s HOS by including environmental factors and up to date traffic patterns.

This feature also includes weigh stations, parking information, mechanical shop locations, fuel stations with diesel pricing, truck wash locations, traffic information, weather details, maps, and even where to find truck stops.

Points of Interest Maps (POI) Because truck driving is not just about the work, the Ezlogz EDL also features an intuitive mapping feature that points a driver towards relevant and useful spots to stop.
Documents Scan and Email As noted, it allows emailing through the app but also supports any paper documents a truck driver must handle. For example, it can enable the transmission of any document with a few clicks.

Simply snap a photo with the mobile device and attach accident images, bills of lading, fuel receipt, insurance details, scale tickets, annual inspection reports, repair tickets, lumpers, and more.

There is an electronic signature function that enables a driver to sign documents by sliding the screen.

Social The Ezlogz EDL enables CB radio integration that empowers communication with other drivers, but it also has a remarkable social platform.

Users of the Ezlogz EDL app can create their profile, and then use that to stay connected to family, friends, and other drivers. They can share images and videos, find news feeds, post to their profile or groups, livestream, connect with those in the logistics industry, create pages or follow favorites, and use it for in-fleet messaging, too.


In addition to those specifications, it is important to note that the Ezlogz EDL is available for use in many different languages. It is also compliant with CCMTA rules (for Canadian truck drivers) and has full feature functionality throughout Canada.

The Ezlogz ELD also has an option for a smart dashboard camera installation. This features built-in incident recording and telematics data. It is an HD 1080p video and audio camera with live GPS tracking. It uses LTE as well as WIFI connectivity or cellular connectivity for real-time footage and remote video access. It includes such innovative tech as unsafe driver behavior and distracted driving tools, a triaxial accelerometer, and options for a dual-facing camera to document the vehicle’s interior. It connects to the ignition and is tamper-resistant.

How Does the Ezlogz ELD Work?

How Does the Ezlogz ELD Work?

diagnostic” port. This is used by mechanics and others to connect diagnostic computers directly to the computers built into a vehicle. The OBD often monitors mileage, speed, emissions, and a lot of other data.

As an example, when the “check engine” light illuminates, the OBD can often tell a diagnostic computer used by a technician just what is going on.

The Ezlogz ELD plugs into an OBD port and then syncs up to the engine in the truck or vehicle. As we already learned, the Ezlogz ELD is an app that you load to a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. The app is available for Android and iOS. However, it has to be able to communicate with something, and that is where the Ezlogz ELD device plugged into the OBD port enters the equation.

As the makers of the ELD explain, the “Ezlogz application allows drivers to view and interact with their logs via smartphone/iPad, or tablet. Drivers cannot edit driving time as engine Data and maneuvers are automatically recorded.”

Three Scanner Options and Simple Pricing

Three Scanner Options and Simple Pricing

The Ezlogz ELD device comes in three different options:

  • Ez-Smart ELD – (BT)
  • Ez-Hard-Wire ELD
  • Ez-Simple ELD – (BT)

Noted as the smallest and easiest to install on the market, both the Ez-Simple ELD – (BT) and the Ez-Smart ELD – (BT) are plug and play. You can be up and running in minutes. Regardless of the hardware that fits your fleet’s needs, the pricing is remarkably straightforward – it is just $29.99 a month per unit. If savings are appealing, an upfront fee of $328.89 annually is also an option.

There are also a lot of free features for those who do not buy a monthly plan, including:

  • Social Platform
  • Electronic Logbook
  • Electronic DVIR
  • Points of Interest maps
  • Electronic signature
  • Fax/email
  • Chat
  • Document Center
  • CB Radio
  • Vehicle Diagnostic
  • Officer Inspection Mode
  • In Fleet Messaging
  • Violation Alerts

What Drivers Say

Of course, the proof is in the pudding as they say, and it is really what drivers say about the use of the Ezlogz EDL that matters most. There are many five star reviews posted about it, with one driver saying it is the “best ELD provider in the market,” and another saying that the “app has made it infinitely easier” to make deliveries.

One summed it up the most when he wrote that “Ezlogz is what truckers need!” Another said it is “the best app in the trucking business with all you need in one application”.

And at the other end of the user’s spectrum is a fleet manager who reviewed the Ezlogz ELD this way:

“Simply the best platform, very easy to use for drivers, a lot of features for safety so I can organize and manage my drivers more efficiently. Their customer service is outstanding, always there to help and never leave issues unresolved. Of course, there can be some issue once in a while, nothing is perfect, but at the end of the day everything is resolved.”

The company makes demos available to almost any sort of fleet and makes it easy to book one through their website.

Ezlogz ELD is More Than an Electronic Logbook App

It is fair to say that the Ezlogz ELD is a first of its kind. It is an all in one logistics platform with features well-suited to the use of the busiest fleets and its drivers. With its innovative social platform, it becomes a major communication tool for a driver and fleet and makes the work of the truck driver easier and more pleasant at every point.

With a great record in customer support and data security, the Ezlogz EDL is a good choice for any fleet or driver looking for a unique and comprehensive solution to logging, plus a lot more.


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