Gorilla Safety ELD 2020 – The Price, Features, and Usage

Are you searching for a quality electronic logging device? Read the Gorilla Safety ELD review for 2020 to learn more about what the system can provide.

Finding the perfect electronic logging device for your fleet is essential to ensure your company and drivers are compliant with the ELD mandate. You want to make sure that you are getting a system that can provide you with accurate and detailed logs, and you likely want to have a system that can provide you with other tools that can help to make the management of the fleet easier. Check out the Gorilla Safety ELD review for 2020 that follows to learn more about what this ELD can offer.

In the review below, we will look at the various features that are available through the system, the benefits that it can offer, and some of the drawbacks that have been noted about the system. By learning as much as possible about the electronic logging device, it will help you to get a clear understanding of whether this ELD will be a good solution for your needs or not.

Pros and Cons of the Gorilla Safety ELD

Let’s examine a list of the pros and cons of the ELD, so you can get a better idea of whether it might be a good option for your fleet. It’s important to consider the cons, as well, so you know if any issues might make the system less desirable.

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Durable solution
  • Quality risk management services
  • Does not have as many features as some customers would like
  • Some customers have had problems with customer service

Specs of the Gorilla Safety ELD

The specs below can provide you with an overview of what you can expect when you choose the Gorilla Safety ELD.

Compliance FMCSA-Registered
Device Phones and Tablets
Customer Support Available Monday to Friday from 7 AM to 7 PM Central Time
Basic Features Hours of Service, EDVIR, Document Management Mechanic Inspections, Alerts, Accident Investigation, Mobile Documents
Payment $250 ELD and Three Monthly Payment Plans Available

Features of the Gorilla Safety ELD

The goal of Gorilla Safety Fleet Management has been to make processes that were once tedious much easier. The ELD system offered by the company helps to reduce paperwork, ensure documents are never lost, and save time. Compliance is also vital, so their products ensure that you are capable of meeting the FMCSA regulations that are in place now, as well as any new ones that may come later. The company also strives to be an affordable option. We will be examining the features of the Gorilla Safety ELD and will look at the good, as well as potential problems that users might find with the system.

Easy to Install and Use

Easy to Install and Use

Installing the device is fast and simple, and you won’t need to have any technical skills to do it. The device will simply plug into the vehicle’s diagnostic port. Getting the software added to your phone or tablet is just as easy. It will work with both iOS and Android devices.

Once the drivers have logged into the system, they will find that navigating and using the various features are simple, as well. They do not need to connect their device to anything in the vehicle physically. The app is capable of communicating with the ELD wirelessly to get all of the information that is needed for logging.

Many features are available with the system, and as you will see in the section on pricing below, different plans will include different features. Regardless of the plan you choose, you can be sure that you will be compliant with the laws.

Document Management

The Document Management portion of the Gorilla Safety app provides users with several features. There is a driver qualification file with supporting documents, the company file that will include IFTA reports, permits, and loss runs. There will also be a truck file for each of the vehicles. This will include cab cards, registration, and repair history of the vehicle.

Users on the back end can also upload documents that the drivers might need. Some of the different types of documents that might need to be uploaded include training and safety manuals, documents that need a signature, receipts, records of repair, etc. Remote document delivery is available on the Xpress and the Xtreme plan options


You can set up a range of alerts on the device. Drivers can be notified if they are nearing hours of service violations. It is also possible to set up alerts to notify management if the driver is not compliant with their logs or if they do not sign their DVIR. It’s even possible to set up alerts for registration or permit renewal, and a host of other tasks the office needs to complete. This ensures that you don’t miss anything that could cause issues with your compliance.

It’s important to note that with the basic ELD plan, automated alerts are not available for things like violations and updates. They are only available with the higher-end plans – Xtreme and Xpress.

Accident Investigation

One of the benefits of the Gorilla Safety ELD that is not found with every electronic logging device and service is a set of tools for accident investigation. An accident could cause many problems for your business. It not only results in injuries and potential loss of a vehicle and cargo, but it can also reduce the amount of confidence that customers have in your company.

However, the Gorilla Safety ELD has tools that can help to make dealing with the aftermath of an accident easier. Once the driver has determined that everyone whether anyone is injured and whether an ambulance is needed, they can open the app and start to gather information.

They can take pictures of the vehicle, other vehicles involved, damage, and the road. Taking pictures of the road and the surrounding area can be helpful. This is particularly true if there was snow or ice, or if signage was blocked that could have caused the accident.

The app can even record what another driver is saying. For example, if another driver admits fault for the accident, the driver could record what’s being said. This can be helpful if your drivers are being blamed for an accident that was not their fault or injuries that are nonexistent.

Having an area of the app that will allow this information to be collected and then sent to the office will be helpful, and it can provide a more accurate picture of what happened. This feature is only available with the Xtreme plan discussed below.

EDVIR and Mechanic Inspections

Drivers will often have to take their vehicles through the Department of Transportation roadside inspections. The vehicle could fail the inspection for a host of reasons, such as turn signals that are not working, issues with the tires not having enough tread on them, leaks, or issues with the driver vehicle inspection reports.

The drivers must inspect their vehicles each day before they head out on their shift. The app will make it easy to take care of the inspection and to send the logs to the office. These logs will need to be viewed when going through a roadside inspection. It’s easy when all of those logs are available through the app.

It means driver inspections and roadside inspections will go faster and smoother. Drivers will be getting on the road faster, and this helps to ensure that pickups and deliveries are made on time. They can input information from other drivers or witnesses if there were any. This includes their name, contact info, and insurance information.

Electronic DVIR is only available on the Xpress and Xtreme plans, not on the basic ELD plan. If you would like to have these features, make sure that you are subscribing to the correct plans for your vehicles.

GPS Tracking

The basic Gorilla Safety ELD service will also provide GPS tracking. Tracking using GPS is a benefit for fleets. The technology will allow users to see exactly where vehicles are located, so they can determine whether a shipment might be late or early, for example. Knowing the location of the vehicles can also help the fleet manager to make rerouting changes as needed.

Drawbacks of the Gorilla Safety ELD

While there are many benefits to the electronic logging device, there are some negatives to consider, as well. The basic ELD that’s offered through the company doesn’t have many features other than what you will need to comply with the law and GPS tracking. It’s simple, but for many, it won’t have what they are after. However, the higher-priced plans, detailed below, have far more features that will help with fleet management.

Some customers have had issues with the customer service that’s available through Gorilla Safety. While they have a customer service department that is available on weekdays, some customers have found that they are not able to answer all of the questions or provide necessary solutions.

Understanding the Pricing of Gorilla Safety Services

There are several different plans available for the monthly services from Gorilla Safety Fleet Management. There is also the cost of the ELD and connectors that you will have to factor into the price per vehicle. We will try to break down the pricing situation to make it easier for you to understand what you will be paying. However, it’s also advisable to get in touch with the company for a quote. There could be changes to the prices, or you could qualify for a discount, for example.

The cost of the Connect ELD is $250, although there is an option for a compact ELD, which costs $225. If you are choosing the Compact ELD, you will also want to get a conversion cable for it, which costs. $25.

The Plans

For those who only want ELD, the Prime8 ELD plan, which is $19.99 per month per vehicle, may be a good option. This is a simple system that will meet the FMCSA regulations and allow you to take care of all of your electronic logs. It also features GPS tracking and support. However, you will not find much in terms of fleet management with this solution. It could be a good choice for those who are independent contractors and who may not need the features that are included with the other plans.

The Xpress Fleet Solution is $26.99 per month per vehicle and includes a wide range of features including everything that you find in Prime8. It also features fuel consumption reports, IFTA reports, a company summary, DVIR, DOT inspection features, fuel tracking, and more. This solution will work for many fleets.

However, there is a third option for those who want more features. The Xtreme Fleet Control plan includes everything that the other plans offer, as well as accident reported, a repair and maintenance closed-loop system, mechanic log-in feature, and other benefits. This plan is $36.99 per month for each vehicle that has it.

With all of these plan options, there should be a solution that will work well for your fleet no matter how large or small it might be.

Conclusion: Should You Choose the Gorilla Safety ELD?

Conclusion: Should You Choose the Gorilla Safety ELD?

What do you think about choosing Gorilla Safety ELD? To be honest, the basic plan, Prime8 ELD is likely only a good option for independent contractors who need to comply with the ELD Mandate. There aren’t enough features with the option to ensure that it’s a good solution for all. As we mentioned, there are other plan options available that are chockfull of features that would be useful for managing a fleet. Those who are considering the system will likely want to choose one of these plans even though it will cost more.

Take your time and compare the Gorilla Safety electronic logging device and software to other options on the market to see which matches your needs and budget the best.


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