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A Fantastic Choice for Your Fleet Management Needs

When searching for the right fleet management solution, knowing what you can expect is a massive part of the challenge. Learn more about the Linxup ELD today!

When you’re running a fleet, having the best electronic logging device (ELD) solution can make your life a whole lot easier. One of the options you have available to you is the Linxup ELD LWAASS1PI, and you might be wondering what it offers that the competitors do not. In this Linxup ELD review, we’ll be delving into precisely that question to share our insight on this option for owner/operators and fleet managers in the trucking industry.

Since the ELD mandate became law in 2017, thousands of trucking companies have been searching for the best solution for managing a fleet. You want something budget-friendly, which offers tracking of hours of service (HOS), but that’s just the beginning. As technology has expanded for these devices used in semi-trucks, many of them offer tons of other benefits. So let’s take a look at what this company and their ELD has to offer, so you can decide if it’s the solution you’ve been seeking.

The Company Behind the ELDs: A Brief Primer on Linxup

Linxup is the company behind the Linxup ELD LWAASS1PI, and it is best known for offering fleet management solutions and asset trackers for trucking and shipment companies. The brand has been offering various fleet solutions since 2004. Over the past several years, the company has become a trusted name for providing electronic logging device solutions alongside its other products and services. This will come as no surprise once you realize that this ELD system is one of the fullest featured options on the market today.

The Basics About the Linxup LWAAS1P1 GPS Tracker and System

We’ll go into greater detail about the features of the device in this Linxup ELD review, but first, we want to look at the basics. As expected, this unit will offer everything you need to be compliant with the 2017’s ELD mandate. However, it goes above and beyond simple electronic logging to provide benefits to truckers, fleet managers, owners, and others involved in the trucking industry. This is a wired device that works in the United States, Canada, and Mexico and features a simple installation process so it can be added to a fleet of trucks quickly. It’s also reasonably inexpensive, so you aren’t going to break the bank by choosing it as a solution for a small-, medium-, or large-sized fleet. To get an idea of what to expect if you choose this device, we’ve provided a list of specifications below:


Case Material ABS Plastic
Power Connection 14 pin Micro-Fit Connector
Network 4G (Bands 850 / 1500MHz
Accuracy ±2.5m CEP
Antenna GPS Integrated
Operating Temp -22°F to +158°F
Coverage United States, Canada, and Mexico
Supported Devices Web, iOS, Android
Support Types Phone and online
Customer Types Small business, large business, and enterprise
Weight Under 2 ounces
Dimensions 2 x 1.8 x 1 inches


One of the things that this ELD does beyond logging is offering access to all reports needed during roadside inspections to minimize time spent not driving. It also can share warnings with drivers about moments when a violation is coming up soon.  It’s been lauded for the ability to change the duty status of a driver, leaving a driver free to focus on driving.

All of these features, and others included with the ELD, will help fleets stay compliant across dozens or even hundreds of trucks, which can prevent unnecessary fines and create a chance to offer the best customer service possible.

Top Features and Benefits of the Linxup ELD

One of the great things about the Linxup ELD is its price, which is far less than many other options on the market. For example, the exemplary GPSit 1000BZL LTE Vehicle Tracking Device is another choice for you, but it costs almost four times the amount of the Linxup ELD. However, there are several other benefits that you may not be aware of to help with fleet management across the board.

Lower Cost in Fuel Expenses

Fuel prices can get expensive when you’re managing a fleet, which is something that Linxup can help. It lets you create reports to determine the best ways to reduce the costs you spend on diesel. It even goes beyond simple reports by offering information about which drivers are going the most idling and which are closest to their destination location. This ELD also lets you see real-time locations, vehicle mileage, and other relevant information.

Creation of Better Driving Habits

Creation of Better Driving Habits

Since a fleet manager can consistently see where a vehicle is at all times, it gives an idea of how well a driver is doing at their job. Determining whether a driver is showcasing excellent or lousy behavior is vital information to have, and the Linxup ELD helps you with that. Also, it helps drivers ensure they comply with all the regulations and rules of the road for the top safety of everyone on the road. Drivers can also check out activity reports about speed and time spent idling.

Lower Insurance Costs

Since the Linxup ELD helps monitor the behavior of truck drivers, it can also reduce what you spend on vehicle insurance. Knowing what drivers are going lets you take actions to ensure road safety by every employee, which will result in fewer insurance claims overall. Vehicle theft can also be reduced further to decrease insurance costs since the location of trucks is updated each minute. As soon as a truck goes off route or starts to engage in strange driving behavior, something can be done about it immediately.

How to Install the Linxup ELD Wired Device

According to Linxup, most of the individuals who choose their wired ELD decide to use a mechanic to install it properly. However, the installation can be done by others as long as you understand the process. Thankfully, there are only three steps involved to make the process as seamless and straightforward as it could be.

  1. The first step to installing the Linxup ELD is to remove the dash of the vehicle. How this work is going to depend on the actual truck, so make sure you are aware of the proper process for doing so to avoid any damage.
  1. Step two involves taking the wires in the tracker and fusing them to the correct wires in the wiring harness. There will be instructions with the device that offer more information on how this works so you can be sure you do things properly.
  1. Your last step for the installation of the Linxup ELD is to reinstall the vehicle’s dash. This should be a simple process that is the opposite of what you did for step one. Once that’s done, all you need is the app to get started tracking.

What You Can Expect from the Linxup ELD Application

The mobile apps for this electronic logging device come in versions for both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Using the application, you can get information on safety, miles, idling, and stops. You can also filter things by group or date to find the information that you need easily. Other things you can see using the app include map locations, total miles, and Google street view for all your driving needs.

In addition to offering all of this information for drivers to make use of, it also takes the data and uses it to provide alerts to help with safe driving. Since one of the primary reasons for the ELD mandate was to make driving safer, this is something that will appeal to both fleet managers and drivers. The alerts are provided when excessive idling or unsafe driving behavior is occurring. Additional follow up information is available with speed, stop, and location data to make fleet management on the go more accessible than ever.

Pricing Plans for the Linxup ELD Options

Pricing Plans for the Linxup ELD Options

The actual wired system from Linxup is very affordable at around $40, which makes adding it to several vehicles an option without breaking the bank. The company also offers a GPS tablet that tends to run around $150. However, you are not obligated to use this as your mobile device. The wired Linxup ELD can be run using whatever smartphone or tablet is typically used in a truck. If you do choose to go with both the table and the device, you’ll pay just under $200.

You will also need to subscribe to a tracking plan when you use the Linxup ELD. It uses a reliable 4G cellular network to ensure the best possible coverage, whether you’re on a major highway, in a huge city, in a small town, or on a remote road somewhere. A month to month contract is available for $22.99 or you can sign up for the 3-year data plan that comes with a free GPS tracker.

However, there are other options available that not every ELD provider can offer. Large fleets that already have existing software can have the Linxup software integrated into it for an extra $7 each month. Also available is special pricing for those who are buying lots of devices and subscriptions for a fleet.

The subscription fee goes toward getting utterly free software and firmware upgrades, access to the Linxup mobile app, the ability to visit the web portal access, and both online and live customer support. This means you are getting a lot of features for the money, and the subscription fee is far from the most expensive among the ELD market.

The Major Pros and Cons of the Linxup ELD

While this Linxup ELD review has gone over what the device is all about and what it can offer you, we also want to share some pros and cons. Even if there are tons of features that you love, if one of the downfalls is something you aren’t willing to work with, it might not be the right choice. On the other hand, you might find that the disadvantages are so minor compared to the positive aspects of the device that it’s well worth the money. In either case, you can find out what you need to know below:

  • Compliant with FMCSA regulations
  • Includes a dedicated data plan
  • Features alerts for critical violations
  • Offers functional, durable hardware
  • Available as a free trial
  • Lets drivers change their duty status
  • Provides access to roadside inspections and reports
  • Allows managers to monitor driver behavior
  • Provides dispatch management and employee tools
  • Doesn’t allow route saving for later map viewing
  • Some users have had issues with customer support

At this point, you should have an idea of the best things about the Linxup ELD, as well as the things it might not excel at. It’s up to you to decide whether the benefits outweigh the drawbacks and whether this is the new solution to put your fleet management system on track.


For a fleet manager, there’s a lot to appreciate from the solution that Linxup ELD offers. The ability to see electronic logs, inspection records, and safety hazards lets you ensure your drivers are doing their best work. Drivers will also enjoy the convenient GPS tracker, the alerts right when they are needed, and the informative reports provided by the ELD. This is an ELD that will help you stay compliant without making the process complicated or overly expensive.

Even your customers can benefit from the features we mentioned in this Linxup ELD review. Since drivers can find the best route, stay safe at all times, and keep track of hours of service, response time can skyrocket for customer satisfaction. When customers are happy, drivers are safe, and managers have a streamlined process of monitoring, this ELD from Linxup can improve profits while offering dozens of other benefits.


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