LoadTrek ELD 2020

Ready to Make this ELD Your New System?

Are you considering the LoadTrek ELD 2020 as your ELD of choice? Read the LoadTrek ELD 2020 review to learn more about what the system offers for your fleet.

Companies no longer have a choice as to whether they are going to be using an ELD with their fleet. It is now a requirement to have these systems set up and operating in all of the vehicles that are operating in the fleet, and that means you need to find a system that works well for your needs and provides you with the benefits and features you need. There are many options available today, and if you are considering the LoadTrek ELD 2020, the review that follows should help you make your decision.

The review will cover not just the good parts of the ELD. While it is important to know the benefits that the system can offer, it is also just as vital that you know some of the drawbacks of the system. This will let you make a smarter purchasing decision.

Pros and Cons of the LoadTrek ELD 2020

It is always important to have a look at the pros and cons of a system before you commit to it. By looking at both the good and the bad, it can quickly tell you if you might want to choose it for your use, or if you should keep hunting for another option.

  • Highly versatile
  • Durable
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Easy to use for drivers
  • Scalable
  • Fully compliant
  • Reduce hours of service violations
  • Auto-generated reporting
  • Intelligent load and route planning
  • Modern design
  • Improves safety
  • Some users have reported that the system does not always log you off properly
  • Some users have complained that the customer support is not up to par
  • Users have also said that sending loads through the system does not always work

Specs of the LoadTrek ELD 2020

Here are a few of the important device specifications that you may want to consider before buying the system.

Compliance FMCSA-Certified
Device Tablet
Customer Support 24/7
Basic Features Hours of Service, Driving Time, Automating DOT reports, DVIR Reporting Tool, Special Loads, Remote Monitoring
Payment Made Rent of Buy Tablets (pay monthly or buy outright)

Features of the LoadTrek ELD 2020

When you are choosing your ELD you will want to know more about the features it offers, and you need to make sure it will put you in compliance with the law. Below, we will be looking at what the LoadTrek ELD 2020 offers to help give you a better idea of whether it is a good solution for your fleet’s needs.

You Will Be in Compliance

Naturally, making sure that your drivers and your fleet trucks are all in compliance with the new laws that are in place is important. You will find that LoadTrek will let you automate the collection and analysis of data, so it can be monitored to ensure you are complying with the regulatory reports.

The system has paperless DVIR reports, ITFA reports, including PTO and off-road for fuel tax recovery. The system meets all of the ELD requirements for the USA and Canada. Once you have these installed, you will find that it is easy to remain in compliance with the regulations.



One of the biggest benefits of the system is that it is user-friendly, particularly for the drivers. Those who are driving don’t want to have to spend a lot of time learning a system or making sure it is working properly when they get into their truck. This system is designed with drivers in mind, and it is simple to use.

A Cloud-Based System

Many appreciate that this is a cloud-based system. It provides stability and reliability, and it will make it easy for the managers and other staff that aren’t in the trucks to track, report, work dispatch, assign jobs, and more. Everything works together seamlessly, so everyone in the company will be on the same page. You don’t have to wait for information, as it all will go right to the cloud automatically.

A cloud system will also mean that you do not have to worry about having an IT department that’s in-house. Everything is done in the cloud, so you won’t need to have a server room that you have to keep running for your fleet management.

The unit will collect a host of information including:

  • Vehicle miles
  • Fuel metrics
  • Starts and stops

You can monitor driver performance and habits. This not only helps to make sure that no one is driving for longer than they should and ensure that the drivers are being safe. It’s also possible to get data from drivers that can help you to develop better and more efficient routes and to make suggestions to the drivers that might be able to help them save fuel. For example, you may be able to plot a route for the driver that bypasses certain roads that are known to have traffic at certain times of the day.

DVIR Reporting Tool

DVIR Reporting Tool

The system also features a DVIR reporting tool. Drivers will be able to inspect their vehicles each day by taking the console and walking around the truck to check on all of the most important systems including the tires, brakes, steering wheel, and emergency equipment. This information can quickly be submitted on the daily vehicle inspection report to the managers.

This allows those who are back in the office to keep track of the vehicle and to make sure that it is getting regular maintenance, as well as all of the repairs that it needs.

Carrying Special Loads

If you have certain special loads that need to be delivered, you want to be sure that you are sending out the right driver on the job. The data that you have collected can help you keep track of which drivers are best suited for these jobs, so you can assign them to the job.

The GPS mapping helps to improve your routing, as well. One of the benefits of GPS is that you can apply different load factors to ensure you are choosing the proper and safe route. For example, you want to be sure you are choosing the correct route when carrying dangerous items, cargo that has a high-value, or when there is an oversized load. It will make sure that your drivers don’t run into any surprises along the route.

Live Communication Available

One of the other helpful features is the communication system. It will allow for live communication through not just the driver and the office, but also the client. The driver can communicate if they have questions, if they need to reroute, they can receive special instructions, and they can report incidents when they occur. It is nice to be able to perform all of the pertinent communications through the same device.

The Hardware is Rugged

Another one of the nice features of the LoadTrek ELD 2020 is the durability of the device itself. The ELD was designed to be used in the types of environments that truckers often face. It’s able to hold up and keep on working for years to come. Many people don’t think about durability when it comes to their ELD, but this could be a huge mistake. Choosing a lesser option that isn’t able to stand up to the rigors of life on the road would mean you need a replacement sooner rather than later. That’s not the case with the LoadTrek ELD 2020.

Not only is the system rugged, but it is also safe. It has been designed to be used even in dangerous conditions. It doesn’t have any sparking, which means you can safely and comfortably use the device even when you are in environments that are explosive or that might have some other hazard.

It’s Very Versatile

Companies like the LoadTrek ELD 2020 because of the versatility it can offer. It can be adapted and users with a wide range of different types of fleets, as well as different fleet sizes. You could use it for trucks carrying electronics goods across the country, with courier vans, chemical tankers, and much more.

The system is also scalable. If you find that your company starts to grow and you add more vehicles to your fleet, you can add the devices to your trucks, and you will see only a small increase in the price. It can be made to work well for your fleet, as it can adapt to you rather than the other way around.

Free Training

Something that you will not find with many other ELDs on the market today is the free training that’s offered through LoadTrek. The company provides a range of online training services for those who will be using the system. They also have physical training for those who may need or prefer it. The company offers a large library of documentation and how-to videos, as well for those who want to learn on their own.

The Cost of the System

You have several options when you choose LoadTrek ELD 2020. You could opt to rent the tablets. Each will cost $15 per month, and it will come with a free data plan. There is also the option of buying or leasing the devices if you prefer. You could opt to buy a device and then pay additionally for the data plan, or you could buy the device for a higher price and have the data plan included.

Those who plan to use the devices for a long period may find that buying the devices outright will be a cheaper option for them in the long run. However, it will often depend on your current finances and whether you want to invest in the hardware, as well as the number of vehicles that will need to be outfitted. You can visit the company to learn more about the options they have available.

Issues with the LoadTrek ELD 2020

Above, we have looked at the features and benefits that are associated with the system. However, it’s now time to look at some of the issues that some users have reported. This will give you a better overall view of the system, so you can make a good purchasing decision. Keep in mind that these issues are not ubiquitous. Many people love the system and have not noted any issues. Still, going over some of the potential cons is essential.

First, there have been some drivers who have said that the system does not always log you off, even though you think you might be logged off. This means that even when you stop driving for the night, it could still show you as being behind the wheel, even though the vehicle is not moving. Therefore, you will want to double-check the system to make sure that you have been logged off properly.

Additionally, some have said they have had trouble sending loads over the system. When you use the LoadTrek ELD 2020, always wait to make sure that it has gone through properly rather than just assuming that they went through fine. Users who experience this problem do not like that the software seems finicky.

Finally, some have said that the customer service team was not as helpful or attentive as they wish. While this isn’t something you can fix or wait out on your end, you can always send letters or call the company if you are having issues with the customer service staff. Most of the support is online and features resources for training and manuals.

Conclusion: Should You Choose the LoadTrek ELD 2020?

Should you choose this option for your ELD? The LoadTrek ELD 2020 review has shown you that there are quite a few benefits to using the system. It features a durable onboard computer that will last for a long time. It’s easy to use, and it can help to streamline your fleet while keeping in compliance with the law.

Even with the flaws that may be present in the device and the software, it can still be an outstanding solution for those who are looking for a quality ELD. Take the time to look at the features to ensure that it will work well for your needs.


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