Looking For Fleematics Reveal? Same Great Product Under Verizon Connect

Fleetmatics Reveal was a go-to solution for fleet tracking and management. You can expect the same high-quality technology under their new Verizon Connect software.

If you’re in the commercial driving industry, you know that ELDs are here to stay for better or worse. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration handed down the ELD mandate in 2016, and as of 2020, most commercial vehicle drivers must be compliant with this order. However, don’t just settle on an ELD solution that gets you to bare minimum compliance. This is an excellent time to update your operation’s tech solutions and increase productivity and safety.

If you’re looking to invest in a new ELD or fleet tracking solution, you might have heard of the excellent customer service and high-quality products that Fleetmatics offers. Don’t be disappointed when you take to Google and come up short in your search for this company. While Fleetmatics is no longer around under their previous name, you can still enjoy the best of their tech, just under a new name. In late 2016, Fleetmatics became one of many telematics companies to team up with the Verizon Connect family.

In this review of what once was Fleetmatics, we’ll check out the features, pricing, plans, and user reviews for compliance and fleet management solutions available from Verizon Connect. No matter which sector or industry you’re in, Verizon Connects brings the best of technology for a higher return on investment.

Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect

Since Verizon Telematics acquired Fleetmatics, they have positioned themselves as a global leader of fleet management. During the merger, Fleetmatics carried over 42,000 dedicated customers and 826,000 subscribers to their solutions. The sheer number demonstrates how many in the transportation industry trust these companies to help troubleshoot their business challenges.

Verizon is also known as one of the top cellular data providers, which adds to their credibility as a company that knows the importance of data. You can rely on Verizon Connects for 99.9% system uptime and global access. Verizon also understands the importance of keeping drivers connected and offers 24/7 driver app support so that they never feel alone on the road.

Verizon Connect
ELD FMCSA accredited
Mobile App Available for download on iOS and Android
Pricing Pricier, depending on solutions and add-on services
Fleet Management Features ●      Live Maps give Google map views of traffic or street views

●      Shows truck status, speed, and notifies of aggressive driving

●      Geofencing and suggested geofencing

●      Customizable reports and notifications

●      Accurate ETA and options for finding nearest drivers

Fleet Maintenance Features ●      Auto-schedule maintenance

●      Logs status of repairs

●      Review paper-less service history

For Drivers ●      Track safety rating

●      Alerts for unsafe or abnormal driving

●      Easy HOS logging

●      Fast, electronic DVIR

●      24/7 driver app support

Features - Fleet Management Made Easy

Managers know that occasional accidents and mishaps with scheduling, routing, and driving are bound to happen. Verizon Connect removes the element of surprise, though, so that you’re never caught off guard and can deploy your team to respond effectively. The features of their fleet management solution make Verizon stand out from its competition. This system is best for major carriers and large operations that have hundreds or thousands of trucks to track.

Keep Track Of Your Fleet

Verizon’s fleet management system includes an incredible live map so that you always know the location of your trucks and assets. With the Verizon live map, you’ll get a 10,000-foot view of your entire fleet and instantly see if trucks are moving, idle, or switched-off and stationary. This view lets you drill in for a closer look, and you can set your view only to see certain groups of drivers or locations. This is an excellent way to organize workflow so that you’re not overwhelmed by seeing so many trucks at once and can take a detailed approach to check-in on drivers.


Verizon Connect allows managers to draw geofencing boundaries around areas on their map that they would like to monitor. Managers can then determine which drivers visit this area, how long they spend there, and whether or not it’s a job site. This technology helps identify if drivers are spending too much time in one area or are visiting locations that are not a part of their route. Many high-end fleet management solutions offer geofencing options like this, but Verizon’s solution is the most high-tech with predictive technology. Their software can detect locations that drivers visit frequently or that are abnormal. The system will flag them as an area for geofencing so that managers can collect data and better understand what’s happening.

Verizon Connect provides street views and traffic updates due to a partnership with Google maps, which helps managers understand the challenges of drivers and their exact location. Dispatchers can also offer a precise estimated time of arrival to customers based on real-time information. They can also reassign jobs, if needed, and track down the nearest driver with the most optimal route to send instead.

Fleet Maintenance At Your Fingertips

As a fleet manager, people aren’t the only resource that you’re managing. It’s also important to consider the equipment, fuel, and repairs. Verizon Connects has you covered and takes the guesswork out of planning. Managers can schedule services for their fleets based on engine hours, the number of days or mileage depending on their purposes, and wear and tear. The system will then show whenever a service is overdue so that you can easily delegate and prioritize.

The fleet maintenance system also keeps a comprehensive record of all services and repairs so that you can analyze trends. Having this level of data gives you the insights you need for annual planning and budgeting so that all your financial bases are covered. If you’re really in the weeds, perhaps you’ve noticed you’ll save money by going paperless and ordering fewer cartons of printing paper each month!

ELD Solutions

Verizon Connect also provides an ELD solution that is an add-on to any of their fleet management systems. It is beneficial for companies to bundle their ELD, fleet management, and fleet maintenance so that all systems are compatible and can communicate with one another. Additionally, pairing your ELD with a smart fleet management system will increase your return on investment while still keeping your company in compliance with regulations.

Verizon’s Logbook ELD solution includes hardware that connects to the engines of the trucks in your fleet. Their Logbook provides instant data on driving status and behaviors. It pairs with Verizon’s free Reveal Field app, where drivers can log their Hours of Service and duty status. You can be sure of error-free information since the app also takes into account data from the engine.



What might have once been a headache, drivers can now complete driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR) in a matter of a few clicks on a tablet. Verizon’s DVIR app is part of its GPS fleet tracking system. When drivers go to complete their DVIR on their phone or tablet, the app will pull up a simple pre-filled form. Drivers can simply and quickly click through each option, leave comments, report defects, and upload photos. This data then transmits through the main system so that mechanics and managers can pull information and prioritize repairs.

The DVIR app makes roadside inspections a breeze since drivers can instantly pull a full log for inspectors on the road. No printers required! The app also keeps historical records of pre- and post-trip inspections so that audits are painless and never negatively impacted by lost paperwork. The DVIR app is incredibly easy to train drivers on how to use and for drivers to fill out on the road.

For Drivers

Verizon’s Reveal Field app is designed with drivers in mind and will help drivers increase productivity and decrease their risk. As mentioned, drivers log their HOS and duty status. The app then sends an alert whenever the driver is close to a HOS violation or is engaging in aggressive driving like speeding. Drivers will enjoy this system because instead of a nagging supervisor calling, it’s just a pinging reminder on their phone or tablet. The app also tracks individual driver safety ratings so that proactive drivers can improve their scores, and managers can use this data for coaching and evaluation.

Drivers will also appreciate Verizon’s 24/7 driver app support. Many fleet management systems on the market fail to include a hotline for drivers, even though they’re the most likely to experience frustrating tech glitches while on the road. This is a subtle nod to drivers that Verizon is here to support them no matter their issue with the Verizon Reveal Field app.

For Fleet Managers

Fleet managers also have an app they can utilize for real-time updates on their fleet. The free Mobile Manager app gives you access to the data you need, even when you’re away from your desk. At its core, the manager app gives you a view into remaining HOS, unassigned drivers, time remaining, and violation alerts.

Managers can modify their user interface as needed to fit their preferences or needs. Verizon Connect allows admin to customize alerts, notifications, and reports to get the information you need, only when you need it. For example, a manager can create a harsh braking alert for drivers but set it so that it only alerts their supervisor if it occurs three or more times in a given period. You can even set how notifications are delivered, either via text, app notifications, or email. This level of choice means you can say goodbye to overflowing email inboxes with notifications you don’t need to check.

Having this amount of data is every manager’s dream. With these tools, supervisors can have data-informed coaching conversations with drivers, ensure resources are allocated where they’re needed and eliminate wasteful spending on fuel or repairs.

Pricing and Plans

Pricing and Plans

The best part about Verizon Connects is that with so many products, you can pick and choose the solutions that your company needs and leave those you don’t need on the table. Companies can choose to go with just their ELogbook solution, GPS tracking, or even throw in a dashcam. Verizon doesn’t publicly publish their pricing for each service or packages, but customers do note that their solutions tend to cost more than others on the market. However, when it comes to fleet management, maintenance, and compliance, you pay for what you get. While there are cheaper options on the market that might work well for owner-operators, not all can handle major carriers as partners. Regardless of your budget, it never hurts to request a quote via the Verizon Connects website or try their free demo.

User Reviews

When searching up reviews for Fleetmatics, keep in mind that they’re now in the Verizon Connect family. You’ll still see some folks referring to them as Fleetmatics, so don’t worry, you’re researching the right company. Many users praise Verizon Connects for their software, especially the live map feature, which provides deep insight into what drivers are up to day-in and day-out of the job.

One distribution manager commented on the app, writing, “I like the app that I can track where our trucks are at any moment. I like the reports that I can run to see different metrics of the truck. The user interface is pretty easy to use, simple and concise.” This sums up a lot of positive feedback that Verizon Connects receives from users and our research into why Verizon Connect stands out as a fleet management solutions provider.

However, some customers were dissatisfied with Verizon Connect’s customer service, claiming that agents were unhelpful and that companies did not always deal with the same person. These are individual incidents that don’t necessarily reflect the whole of the Verizon Connect experience but could potentially be a problem if you anticipate needing a lot of support.

  • Comprehensive fleet management and compliance solutions
  • Live mapping
  • Customizable reports and alerts for easy analysis
  • Reveal Field App for iOS and Android devices
  • 24/7 driver app support
  • Expensive
  • Poor customer service experiences

Our Take

Verizon Connect is a massive telematics provider that offers a multitude of solutions for your business needs. Due to the size of their company and portfolio, it seems they’re a great choice if you need custom fleet management solutions or want to bundle a variety of products in one plan. We also like the level of detail that managers can access and analyze with their live maps, historical data tracking, and customizable reports and alerts. This information can save your company money and make operations safer for drivers.

Verizon Connect solutions are the most worthwhile for companies large fleets that might be looking to root out inefficiencies and provide real-time coaching for drivers. Carriers with smaller or even mid-size fleets might not have the capacity to leverage these tools to their fullest potential or the budget to sustain a hefty contract. Whichever end of the spectrum your company falls closest to, it’s always worth checking out their free demo to see how their solutions might improve your bottom line.


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