National Carrier Exchange ELD 2020

Is This the Device for Your Fleet?

For those who want an ELD with no monthly fees for smaller fleets, the National Carrier Exchange ELD meets FMCSA compliance and delivers reliable performance.

The National Carrier Exchange ELD is a unique device in that NCX is a nonprofit provider that has no monthly service charges for using their electronic logging devices. While there are some feature limitations, the system appears to be reliable and powerful, and it offers simple setup and an easy-to-use interface. The great thing about this company is that they also provide you with information on comparative ELD costs and solutions, saving you the trouble of doing the work yourself.

Known as the NCX1701, this device is their answer to the ELD mandate, and it delivers a host of features and benefits for those with smaller fleets who want something different than what most brands offer. In this review, we’ll cover the details of the National Carrier Exchange ELD, including pricing, its best features, what other users are saying, and more.

It’s not just about finding an ELD that is FMCSA-compliant. It’s about capitalizing on the devices available to get compliant and maximize your benefits at the same time. Read on to see if the NCX1701 from National Carrier Exchange is the device that can deliver that for your fleet.

Pros and Cons of the National Carrier Exchange ELD

To get started, we’ll take a brief look at the benefits and potential drawbacks of this ELD. This will help you get a quick idea of whether this is a device that should be on your list before you get into the details of the review below.

  • Easy setup and installation
  • •Relable and powerful performance
  • No monthly costs or subscriptions
  • Total solution offers fleet management, tracking, and dispatching in one platform
  • Suited for tethered and independent operations
  • Free reporting and delivery confirmation features
  • Ideal for fleets up to 50 units
  • Refunds available for active and heavy use
  • Some limitations on telematics features
  • Users have reported occasional connection issues

National Carrier Exchange ELD Specifications

Compliance FMCSA-Certified
Device Smartphone for driver access, PC or Mac required for dispatch access
Customer Support FAQ, phone, and email support
Basic Features DVIRs and driver tracking, Hours of Service (HOS), scheduling and dispatching, real-time tracking and monitoring
Payment Made $175 for hardware, no monthly fees or setup costs

Features of the National Carrier Exchange ELD 2020

Several features deliver performance for the National Carrier Exchange ELD. Although we briefly touched on some of the highlights above, we’ll now dig deeper into each facet of this system that makes it worth considering. This device can work with any fleet vehicle, including rentals, service vehicles, and more. Keep reading to get the details and find out if this is the right device for your needs. 


The National Carrier Exchange ELD is fully FMCSA-compliant, meeting all of the requirements of the ELD mandate and going well beyond that in offering other features. This system holds several FCC certificates for its various features and ensures that all fleets with the NCX1701 installed will be in full compliance with ELD laws while they are on the road.

DVIR and Driver Tracking Features

Of course, the biggest highlight of this ELD is the numerous tracking features available. From detailed DVIR and maintenance logs to driver and vehicle location tracking in real-time, this system is flexible and capable of delivering the monitoring solutions that fleet managers and dispatchers need. Updates are expected that will also help track other maintenance issues, fuel consumption, and other expense-related activities, helping you monitor and improve efficiency at the same time.

Scheduling and Dispatching

In addition to driver tracking, the dispatch platform in the NCX1701 gives you full control over scheduling, dispatching, and load management. The features available for load management are going to help improve safety and productivity:

  • Automatically generated tracking data for shippers and receivers
  • Professional invoicing
  • Load Calendar
  • Delivery confirmation and Proof of Delivery

This gives you hassle-free scheduling and load management system that will work in tandem with your ELD-mandated driver and vehicle tracking solutions to create an efficient, optimized load scheduling and improve your operations overall.

Load Management and Tracking

The load management interface from NCX includes everything that you need to dispatch, track, and manage all of your loads. You will have access to load scheduling software, invoicing tools, customer tracking numbers, proof of delivery and delivery confirmation, and so much more. You will never again have to worry about where a load is or whether it will make it on time because the integrated ELD platform has everything at your fingertips.

Accuracy and Reliability

The National Carrier Exchange ELD has some of the best GPS tracking and signaling available on the market today. Even in large cities, this system utilizes 72 different satellite channels with an Amplified GNSS Antenna that allow all kinds of GPS and satellite signals to be detected, ensuring the most accurate positioning information at all times. This is one of the most accurate and in-depth tracking systems available on the market today.

Disadvantages of the National Carrier Exchange ELD

The National Carrier Exchange ELD is among the most well-designed ELDs on the market for small fleets. As such, it can be challenging to find drawbacks that are even worth mentioning. The only real issues that have been reported with the NCX device are minimal, at best. The first is that some users have reported connection issues, but this is limited and sporadic, and certainly the exception more than the rule.

The other big disadvantage of this system as compared to others is its limited offerings in the area of telematics features. It does well to offer a robust selection of features otherwise but may not offer all the diversity in this like fuel monitoring, mileage, and other detailed telematics that some systems provide. Although they may not be essential for some fleets, these elements should be considered in your decision.

National Carrier Exchange ELD Pricing

National Carrier Exchange ELD Pricing

The NCX1701 is popular not only for its features but because it offers one of the most affordable solutions on the market today for ELD compliance. There are no recurring monthly fees or subscription costs to worry about with this system, and while it doesn’t offer an option to bring your own device, it does offer a reasonable one-time investment for those who choose it. The National Carrier Exchange ELD only requires you to purchase the hardware, which is priced at $175 per vehicle.

This might seem like it’s a bit high for those who have fleets of 20 or more vehicles, but you have to remember that it’s a one-time investment. Unlike a lot of ELD systems that require monthly subscriptions or other fees, this solution lets you pay for the hardware and be done. Even if you have 30 vehicles to outfit with this system, you’ll still spend less in the long run than you would on most subscription plans.

NCX offers a unique rebate program, as well. Those who have active fleets and use their devices frequently will find themselves eligible for refunds on their devices. Once you cover enough miles and haul enough loads, NCX will reward you by refunding the price of your devices, either in full or in part. This program is available to for-hire OTR (over-the-road) carriers with 50 vehicles or fewer.

What Other Users Are Saying

This system is still relatively new to many in the market for devices that are compliant with the new ELD mandate. However, it has been reviewed by some drivers and third-party services, and for the most part, the reviews are good. People enjoy the easy user interface of the system, as well as the fact that they can get their money back for the device if they use it enough.

Although some people have reported connectivity issues, these are sporadic and not common and are generally able to be resolved in some capacity. For the most part, complaints of any kind have been addressed and resolved immediately by National Carrier Exchange, so the information out there is mostly positive. One of the biggest benefits, for most fleet owners, is that there is no ongoing maintenance cost for the system.

While some leading ELD brands will charge monthly service fees that will quickly add up, National Carrier Exchange has opted to offer an affordable device and even give fleets the chance to get their money back. The idea here is that the vehicles using the NCX system are providing valuable data and insight that the company can use in their next generation of products. Essentially, they’re reimbursing drivers for firsthand R&D rather than spending a fortune on separate testing and development services. Many users love this kind of solution because it’s working for the benefit of everyone.

Who is This System Suited For?

ideally designed for those with 50 units or less. For the rebate program, you must have fewer than 50 power units to qualify. However, whether you get the rebate or not, this device can be an ideal solution for those who want a simple, compliant ELD that doesn’t cost a small fortune.

Anyone who owns or leases commercial vehicles can sign up at the NCX website and create a carrier account. Then, you will be able to invite your drivers to participate in the program and order the corresponding number of ELD devices that you need for your fleet. Once a driver has been added to the system, they will be given information on how to download the app on their smartphone or tablet. Upon logging in, they will pop up on the Dispatch Map in the back-office platform instantly.

Those who want integrated ELD compliance, driver tracking, and dispatch features in one device with no extra fees will find this device from NCX to deliver everything they seek.

Why Monitor Driver Activity and Performance?

Why Monitor Driver Activity and Performance?

Aside from the obvious ELD mandate, many fleet managers don’t think about the perks of being able to monitor the performance of their drivers with these systems. However, in addition to ensuring compliance with hours of service and commercial driving laws, an ELD like the one from National Carrier Exchange can also help you keep an eye on everyday driver habits, performance, and potential risks that might need to be addressed.

Knowing what’s going on behind the wheel of your vehicles will help reduce your potential risks and increase your awareness of which drivers may need additional training or assistance based on the information captured by the ELD. The information available can help you track driver history and improvement, and even see what’s going on in real-time so that you can correct quickly and address concerns without delay.

Conclusion: Is the National Carrier Exchange ELD Right for You?

The NCX1701 is a different kind of ELD, but it does deliver the FMCSA-compliant device that people need. If you’re not missing out on the extra-detailed telematics features and like what’s offered, you’ll enjoy a much smaller investment in the long run. Plus, since it’s from NCX, you can trust that it will stay updated with the latest compliant software. This will give you peace of mind that your fleet is always operating within the FMCSA guidelines, even if there are changes in the future.

There are so many different ELDs on the market today and it’s going to be up to you to make sure that you get what you need out of your choice. The National Carrier Exchange ELD has its perks, but if you decide it isn’t the right device for your needs, that’s okay. At least now you’ll have more information to help you find the ELD that will keep your fleet compliant and help you improve productivity and overall operations, whether it’s from NCX or any other brand.


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