Omnitracs MCP 2020

Is This the Best ELD?

Now that ELDs are required for all commercial vehicles, your fleet needs the best devices. Check out this review on the Omnitracs MCP and what it can do for you.

The Omnitracs MCP, formerly known as the Qualcomm ELD, is a popular choice for those who are looking for devices that will keep them compliant with the new FMCSA ELD mandate that went into effect at the end of 2019. Of course, as the title suggests, you have to get to know this device (and others) to see if it’s going to be the best ELD for your fleet. Fortunately, we’ve taken the time to research for you, and you’ll find everything that you need to know in our detailed Omnitracs MCP 2020 review.

As of the end of 2019, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration made it a law for all commercial vehicles to have an onboard ELD, or Electronic Logging Device, that would log pertinent driver and vehicle information such as hours of service (HOS), mileage and fuel usage, IFTA fuel expense and tax information, and more. There are compliance guidelines for minimum requirements that must be present in these devices, but many also go above and beyond to provide a comprehensive driving solution that offers multiple solutions in one device.

The Omnitracs MCP is one example of this dynamic ELD trend. It is a feature-rich device that includes several functions for fleet management and vehicle monitoring, with industry-leading flexibility and adaptability to a variety of fleet compliance needs. Read on to learn more about this device and what it can do for your commercial vehicle(s), no matter the size of your fleet. To start, check out some quick pros and cons before we get into the details of this Omnitracs MCP 2020 review.

Omnitracs MCP Pros and Cons

For a brief glimpse of what this unique ELD offers, check out the pros and cons below:

  • Low investment in IT and hardware
  • Responsive, reachable customer service and support
  • Improves fleet safety and productivity
  • Mature choice in e-logging
  • Three versions available for a variety of features and options
  • Affordable choice in ELDs
  • From Qualcomm, a leader in electronics and telematics with more than 12,000 fleet clients
  • May be time-consuming to install
  • Some users report slow support

Omnitracs MCP Specifications

Compliance FMCSA-Certified
Device Dedicated ELD Hardware
Customer Support 24/7 Phone and Email, Online Resources, Website Inquiry Form
Basic Features DVIRs, HOS (Hours of Service), Critical Event Reporting, Analytics Manager, Automated IFTA Reporting, Fleet Management Tools, Transportation Management System, Load Board
Payment Made Approximately $700 for ELD Device

Monthly subscription fee varies based on services selected. Individual quotes available from Omnitracs

Omnitracs MCP Features and Functions

The Omnitracs MCP line of ELDs offers its own dedicated hardware, rather than a standard app interface that can be used on any smartphone or tablet. This can be a benefit or a disadvantage, depending upon how you look at it, but it seems that Qualcomm does well to make sure you see it as a perk in every way. Dig into the details of the features and functions of this device below to see why it should be on your list.

Critical Event Reporting

This module allows fleet managers and dispatchers to monitor and be notified of critical driving incidents or accidents immediately, thanks to real-time tracking and monitoring technology. Being able to monitor critical events can help you make drivers safer on the roads. You can keep tabs on things like non-compliance fines, hard braking incidents, speed, stability control, forward collision, and more.

Not only will you be instantly notified of critical events as they occur, but you will be able to use this information to course-correct and help create safer driving habits among your entire fleet of drivers. This can reduce insurance premiums, maintenance and repair costs, legal obligations, and non-compliance fines.

DVIRs and HOS Modules

The basic logging functions of this device are anything but basic. The DVIR and Hours of Service platforms are designed to offer user-friendly input and search features, making logs easily accessible. There’s even space to add comments and an option to edit certain features, within the guidelines of FMCSA compliance, of course.

Analytics Manager with Automated IFTA Reporting

The analytics manager tool takes all of your data from the Transportation Services app, turning into actionable information that you can use to leverage your process improvements and create more efficiencies in your day-to-day operations. Plus, you’ll also have instant access to automated IFTA reports that are inspection-ready.

IFTA compliance is complicated and most of the people who are fined have only made a mistake and not intentionally tried to “pull one over” on anyone. Fleet managers will be instantly notified of impending violations, IVMRs will be automatically generated, and the odometer data will be gathered from both the ECM and the GPS to ensure accuracy in all reporting.

Fleet Management Tools

In addition to all of the standard ELD features, the Omnitracs MCP devices include an array of fleet management tools for both back-office and in-vehicle use. These tools ensure that providers and managers have total transparency on all levels, offering things like unified management processes, flexible integration solutions, and more. The robust analytics and reporting tools ensure that you always have a visual idea of how your business is operating so that you can identify trends and needs and make changes where necessary.

Transportation Management System

Omnitracs also offers a fully-functional transportation management system that is cloud-based to guarantee streamlined operations, complete adaptability, and improved productivity across the board. This tool helps bridge the gap and creates a reconnect between systems, processes, and teams. You can manage dispatch, planning loads, and assigning routes, essentially creating a central portal for all of your management needs. It’s also easily integrated with other third-party services and solutions for total automation and information sharing.

Omnitracs Load Board

Omnitracs Load Board

Thanks to its reputation, Omnitracs can offer a Load Board feature that connects you with thousands of different carriers, fleets, and professional brokers. This allows you to increase opportunities for revenue and combine assets for improved efficiency in all areas. Working with the TMS, the load board offers an improved management platform that is simpler and designed to offer easy access to more profitable loads. For those who want more than a standard compliance device, this final highlighted feature proves exactly why the MCP should be on anyone’s list.

Omnitracs MCP Disadvantages

Although this device comes highly recommended by many users and a top brand in the industry, it’s not without a couple of flaws here and there. The biggest complaints that we were able to find, however, were quite simple and unsubstantial in nature. For example, some users reported that support wasn’t as quick or responsive as it should be in the modern era. However, again, this was minimal and even the “delayed” response times were still more impressive than some providers.

Another problem people have with this device is the lengthy and complex installation process. With a market full of plug-and-play devices, it can be hard to justify choosing something that takes more effort. However, when you see the potential benefits that you get for making the effort, most fleet managers will agree that it’s a fair trade-off.

Just keep these things in mind when considering the MCP devices from Omnitracs and Qualcomm. As long as you’re aware of potential drawbacks, you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way when making your choice.

Where the Omnitracs MCP Gets it Right

Where the Omnitracs MCP Gets it Right

This may well be one of the best ELD solutions on the market today simply because of the array of configurations and features available to choose from. Qualcomm has done a lot to create a dynamic solution that features multiple platforms to assist with managing your fleet, covering everything from safety and compliance to premium GPS tracking, fleet management software, and more.

This device from Omnitracs also includes its very own standalone device—which to some might seem more like a burden. However, the fact that you have a dedicated device (at a reasonable price point, no less) means that your drivers won’t have to use their smartphones or carry an extra tablet or smartphone with them. The ELD includes a user-friendly interface and an easy-to-read dash display that gives you all of the pertinent information that you need.

You can find a variety of different features in this device, which were all discussed above. With two upgraded versions available beyond the basic model, this ELD does deliver something for almost every commercial vehicle and driver on the road. Qualcomm has been providing transportation and logistics solutions for years, working with all industry businesses:

  • Private fleets
  • Service fleets
  • LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) carriers
  • Delivery and parcel fleets
  • Truckload and dedicated carriers

The MCP platform is designed to be scalable and customizable to just about any fleet demands, making it among the best devices on the market today. It is also one of the most complete, mature devices available in a market full of ELDs that were rushed to the shelves to be ready for the ELD mandate deadline. While some fleets are waiting for upgrades and new developments to get the full host of additional features that are available in modern technology, those with the Omnitracs MCP system will already have the best functions installed.

How to Choose Your Ideal ELD Solution

No matter the size of your fleet, or even if you’re an owner-operator, you need to make sure that you’re finding the best solutions on the market. That can prove to be a bit of a challenge at times. Fortunately, now that you’ve seen a breakdown of the features and benefits of the Omnitracs MCP device, you’ll have a better idea of where you should be focusing your efforts. To find the best ELD for your compliance and recordkeeping needs, you’ll need to think first about what best suits your needs.

That could include the budget or pricing of an ELD, as well as whether a monthly subscription or service is required with the device. Some people prefer BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) systems because there are fewer hardware costs. Others like having a dedicated device so that they don’t have to use their personal devices, or just so that there is an entire system that is just for electronic logging requirements.

Look at the included features that you get for the money. Beyond the basic requirements of FMCSA compliance, what functions are most important to you? Your needs are unique, and it will be up to you to create a list of which elements matter so that you can use those factors to narrow down your decision. As long as you take the time to do your homework, weigh the pros and cons, and understand what you’re buying, it should be easy for you to get exactly what you heed.

Conclusion: Is the Omnitracs MCP the Best ELD for Your Fleet?

It will never be possible to answer the question of whether a single device can be the “best” solution for an entire industry. If it were, the answer would almost certainly be a “no”. However, if you ask instead whether this is the best device for your fleet, you’ll see that the host of solutions and features might be just what you need. Check out what the device offers compared to what you want in an ELD.

The Omnitracs MCP is one of the best ELD solutions available today, simply because it is so adaptable and flexible, and filled with useful features and functions for all types of commercial fleets. It has an array of tools and solutions, automated reporting features, and even three different device models to choose from. In the rare event that one of the ELDs from Qualcomm doesn’t fit your needs, you’ll at least now have a better idea of how to find the solution that does.


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