PeopleNet ELD 2020 : Features, Installation, and Feedback from Users

Does the PeopleNet ELD provide you with the features you need for your commercial fleet? Read the PeopleNet ELD 2020 review to learn more about the system.

With regulations in place that require electronic logging of the number of miles traveled and the number of hours a driver spends behind the wheel in place, having a quality ELD is no longer a choice. Fleets need to have electronic logging devices equipped on their vehicles. PeopleNet is a well-known option, and the system has a range of features that could be beneficial to fleets like yours. However, before making your choices, check out the details in the PeopleNet ELD 2020 review that follows.

The review will cover the good, as well as the bad, so you can get a better overall picture of what the ELD can provide. We will be covering the features, installation, feedback from people who have uses the system, and more, which should make it easier for you to determine whether it is the right solution for your fleet or if another choice may be a better option.

Pros and Cons of PeopleNet ELD

Let’s examine a list of some of the major pros and cons associated with PeopleNET below. This can give you a quick overview of what you can expect, so you can determine whether it might be right for you or not.

  • Reliable
  • The ELD can be customized
  • Responsive customer support
  • Advanced network
  • Advanced features
  • Installation takes a substantial amount of time
  • The costs for installation and the monthly service fee are high

Specs of PeopleNet ELD

The following specs will provide you with some additional insight into what the electronic logging device from PeopleNet can offer.

Compliance FMSCA-Registered
Device Tablet and Phone
Customer Support 24/7
Basic Features Hours of Service, Engine Monitoring, Fuel Consumption Monitoring, Safety, Navigation, Camera Options, DVIR
Payment $1,200 per vehicle with a $43 monthly fee for each vehicle

Features of PeopleNet ELD

PeopleNet has been operating for more than 25 years, providing a range of tracking and communications technology for companies with vehicle fleets. The company has evolved, and today they have a range of services that can help to make fleet management easier and to ensure that fleets and drivers are complying with the latest regulations.



Of course, the main reason that companies want to have a quality ELD is to ensure they are compliant with the ELD mandate. The regulations were put in place to help reduce accidents and to keep the roads safer. Even though paper logs were used in the past, new regulations require that electronic logging devices be used, which can provide a more accurate and tamper-free solution to ensuring that the requirements for the hours of service are followed.

PeopleNet has been at the forefront of this technology for years, and they have a system that ensures your drivers and your fleet will be compliant with all of the most recent regulations. Driver logs and hours of service are easy to maintain.

The system can also track the miles and the fuel expenditure of your vehicles. Tracking the fuel expenditure will be helpful when filing the IFTA each quarter. It’s faster and easier than the old methods, and it also happens to be more accurate.

You will find that the logging system that’s used in the device does more than what many other ELDs can do. It will report a range of events, not just driving time. This includes fuel stops, inspections, loading, and unloading. Everything will be logged to ensure you have the most accurate data possible.

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports

The DVIR system in the app will meet all of the requirements by the FMSCA for electronic vehicle inspection records. It will make the inspections process faster and easier for the driver each day, and it will eradicate the problems that often come with paper records. The driver can complete the inspection and get on the road quickly.

If they have to stop at a Department of Transportation roadside inspection, they will also have all of the information they need to present to the inspector through the device. This will make the inspection faster, as well. This means less fuel wastage at inspection sites and reduced delivery delays due to those inspections. The system can even work hands-free on the in-cab device, so the driver doesn’t have to physically interact with it.


Dispatch, managers, and drivers often need to contact each other throughout a trip and or each day. In the past, this could be a problem, but with the various messaging options available through the app, it’s much easier. The options can provide more flexibility, and you will be pleased with just how reliable this messaging will be.

The Driver Application

The application can be used with iOS and Android phones and tablets. When using PeopleNet’s eDriver Logs, there will be no requirement for additional hardware or software. Everything will be included. The buttons on the application are large, and it is relatively easy to navigate. Drivers will be able to access the data they need, as well as log into and out of the device quickly. Even though the system does have a lot of features, the layout remains user-friendly, and most drivers will not have too much trouble getting accustomed to the ELD and the other elements of the app.

The app and the ELD are also reliable, and most users have not had any issues with the system. However, there are some drawbacks and complaints from users, which we discuss later in the review.

Real-Time Diagnostics

Keeping the vehicles up and running properly is essential for any commercial fleet, or for any vehicles for that matter. The real-time diagnostics feature of the system helps to ensure that the vehicles are in good shape. By monitoring the engine, it can help to locate any potential problems with the vehicle, so it can be serviced. This preventative action can help to reduce the costs of repair, as well as the time a vehicle is not on the road.

Potential Issues with PeopleNet ELD

Perhaps the biggest problem that people have found with the ELD from PeopleNet is the cost. It’s high when compared with many of the other options on the market. Companies know they need to comply with the regulations, but they don’t want to break the bank doing it. As it stands, the current cost for the system is $1,200 per vehicle for the device and application, as well as $43 a month for each of the vehicles.

While $43 a month is similar to what some other companies charge for their monthly fee, it’s still relatively high compared with many other options. The $1,200 fee per vehicle when getting started is astronomical compared with others. You will have to decide if the features and benefits of the ELD can outweigh the expenditure.

One of the other issues that some have had with the system is that it’s not a straightforward installation. The process can be obtuse and tedious. Although the installation of the system is possible to do on your own, it’s not easy. It’s recommended to have a licensed technician from PeopleNet take care of it for you. Even though this service is available, it means that it will take longer to get the system installed, and most companies will not want to wait even longer to ensure their vehicles are all up and running with the system.

Feedback from Users

It’s always nice to see what user experiences are like whenever you are choosing to buy any product. When it comes to an expensive product like PeopleNet ELD, this is even more important. It can give you a better idea of what it will be like to add and use the electronic logging device to your vehicles.

Although the system is easy to use, there have been some users who have had trouble with the ELD. Some users, both drivers and those who are on the backend, have claimed to have had trouble with connections in certain areas. There are also complaints that the system doesn’t provide accurate and instant location information on the vehicles.

Some users who have had the system also say that even though the support is responsive, they don’t always have the answers needed to resolve issues. This is extremely frustrating to those who are relying on the ELD to work properly when needed.

It’s important to note that these are problems that actual drivers and dispatchers have noted about the product. This doesn’t mean that all users will have these problems, or the issues mentioned above. However, you should be aware of them when you are making your purchasing decision.

When it comes to ease of use, there seem to be varied thoughts from users. After the installation process has been completed, some have found the system to be relatively easy to use. However, it is more complex than other options on the market, and this has led to some drivers becoming frustrated trying to get the system working properly. Backend users at the office have also voiced similar concerns.

A Great ELD is Better for Your Business

Choosing an electronic logging device and fleet management system that has a good reputation in the field can help your business in a range of ways. Not only will you be compliant with all of the regulations that govern your business, but it can help you to become more efficient, as well.

The features a system like PeopleNet can offer will help you to keep track of your vehicles and drivers when they are on the road. You can pinpoint their location and have a better idea of whether they are on schedule or not. This allows the team at the office to communicate with customers if a pickup or a delivery might be late or early.

The team and the drivers can also make improvements to the routes that are being driven. If there are issues with certain locations, such as construction or road closures, it will be possible to easily find another route to the destination. This can often help to save time, as well as fuel.

The ELD can also help companies to learn more about driving habits and the safety of their drivers when they are on the road. By learning more about the driver’s habits, it can let the management team know if there are issues that need to be addressed, such as excessive idling time. They can determine how fast a vehicle has moved from Point A to Point B and see if the driver was speeding during the drive, which can be dangerous.

All of the data and information provided through the device and the services offered by PeopleNet have the potential to make your business safer and to run more efficiently. It’s a good solution for many, but there are those aforementioned factors, such as the price, which means that it might not be the best solution for everyone.

Conclusion: What’s the Verdict?

Conclusion: What’s the Verdict?

As you have seen, there are plenty of excellent features and benefits associated with PeopleNet ELD. The system is well-known and remains popular despite some of the flaws and the high price tag. Many other options on the market can do the same thing and are more affordable. However, the decision of whether you want to choose this electronic logging device or not is ultimately up to you.

If the features the system offers are in line with your needs, and if you have the means to buy the system for all of your vehicles, it could still be a good choice. Just make sure you are well aware of both the pros and cons when you make your decision. Get the ELD that’s the best choice for your fleet no matter how larger or small it might be.


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