Stoneridge EZ ELD 2020

What Does it Bring to the Trucking Industry?

Complying with hours of service is a concern for truckers, and the best ELD will offer solutions for that and more. Learn what the Stoneridge EZ-ELD offers.


Whether you’re a driver, an owner/operator, or a fleet manager, being aware of the ELDs on the market is crucial. Having the best solution in the form of an electronic logging device (ELD) can streamline an entire operation while ensuring drivers are doing their job in a safe way to keep everyone on the roads secure. In our review, we’ll be looking at what the Stoneridge EZ-ELD brings to the table that the competitors do not.

Since hours of service (HOS) compliance is a massive part of this, that’s the first thing that matters when looking at ELDs. However, what you might not know is that the best devices can offer many other solutions to make your life easier. Especially with a tool like the Stoneridge EZ-ELD, knowing about all the extras can make it look even better when you compare it to competitors. We’ll share what we know about this ELD below so you can see if it fits your needs.

The Basics of the ELD Mandate and Compliance

The Basics of the ELD Mandate and Compliance

Depending on who you ask, you’ll find that the new ELD mandate requiring electronic logging affects up to three million drivers in the United States. Almost all of the commercial trucks in the country are required to adhere to the regulations. So too are drivers who live in Canada and Mexico. Enforcement has been in place for a few years, so going without an ELD can lead to fines or service cutoffs.

The mandate was put into place for many reasons, but a large part of it was due to driver accidents and errors based on driving while tired. Having an ELD that logs hours of service and keeps drivers aware of when they need to stop and rest can prevent that, which is why the mandate exists today. It’s a way to keep both truck drivers and other people on the road safe.

For fleet managers, having the best ELD solution is a must, and the Stoneridge is one of the top options. It’s easy to use, it’s reliable, and it helps with fleet safety and driver compliance. On top of that, this device offers the benefits of DVIR and IFTA without spending any extra money. It has a lot of benefits and very few drawbacks, although we’ll talk about that more later.

A Peek at the Company Behind the ELD: Stoneridge

Stoneridge was founded in 1965 and has been designing and manufacturing a variety of electronic and electrical modules, components, and systems ever since. Most of these items are related to the automotive and commercial vehicle industries, although there are also products for off-high vehicles, motorcycles, and agricultural vehicles. Many of these products have helped increase safety and security, reduce emissions, and improve fuel efficiency for those on the road.

The Stoneridge EZ-ELD was introduced in 2017 in the wake of the new mandate requiring most truck drivers to adhere to new rules and regulations. It offers a way to handle your compliance requirements with the least time and effort, so most of your time can be spent on driving or managing drivers, instead of worrying about logging and making reports.

The Basics About the EZ-ELD Solution Electronic Logging Device

Now that you have an idea of the company behind the Stoneridge EZ-ELD, you likely want to know what you can expect from it. To put it into the simplest terms, this is an ELD solution that makes it easier for both fleet managers and drivers to track, share, and manage records of duty status from trucks on the road. It is available as a single one-box solution, and there is no required contract. Before we delve deeper into what you can expect from this ELD, we want to share the specifications so you can get an idea of whether it will fit your needs.


Type of Device Bring Your Own Device
Operating Systems Supported iOS and Android
Listed on FMSCA Registry Yes
Included Adaptors 6-pin, 9-pin, and OBDII
Dongle Memory Length 6 months
Weight 2 pounds
Dimensions 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.25 inches

Since this is an FMCSA certified device, you are always in control when it comes to compliance obligations and duty status inputs. It is capable of being transferred between various vehicles using a 6-pin port, 9-pin port, or an OBDII OBC and comes with several adapters and connectors to make this possible.

One of the things that set the Stoneridge EZ-ELD apart is that is has a system called “Scan and Drive.” This is set up as a pairing system where a truck driver scans a QR code each time they get into the truck.

How the Stoneridge EZ-ELD Works

How the Stoneridge EZ-ELD Works

We mentioned that the Stoneridge EZ-ELD offers something called “Scan and Drive,” and we now want to talk about that in a bit more detail. This is an innovative feature that isn’t seen on the other ELDs on the market. What this technology is responsible for is allowing a quick connection between the actual ELD device and an app on an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.

When a driver gets into the vehicle, they are going first to scan a QR code. This will allow them to pair their device with the phone app. After the ELD is installed and connected to the app on your mobile device, you can take off with your load to do your job.

Below we’ll talk a bit more about how to install the Stoneridge EZ-ELD and the app that connects to it.

The Process to Install the Stoneridge EZ-ELD

Thankfully, installing the EZ-ELD by Stoneridge is a simple and straightforward process. However, it does take a bit of time, and you want to be sure that you get it right the first time. We’ll go through the process below, but keep in mind that Stoneridge also offers a video that you can work along with if you work better with a visual aid.

  1. The first step is to get access to the diagnostic port of your vehicle, which may be in various places depending on the truck. Sometimes there may be a plastic cover you need to remove to access the port. Some of the areas where you may find it include:
  • Near the clutch pedal or traditional handbrake
  • Above the footrest
  • Under the steering column or dash
  • In the fuse box
  • Above or on the right or left of the pedals
  1. Next, you want to attach the EZ-ELD to the diagnostic port. If you are using an OBDII connector, it will press right into the port to connect. Those with 6- or 9-pin ports will need to rotate the connector to fit in the port, press it into the port, and then rotate it until it makes a click.
  1. All you have to do now is replace the plastic cover if one was present. You’re now ready to use the EZ-ELD, and it should have only taken a few moments to install.

Simplicity of Use with the EZ-ELD

In addition to everything else that this ELD offers, it’s also one of the simplest to use for truckers, managers, and anyone else involved in the trucking industry. One of the ways shown is through the fact that the company offers a handful of interchangeable connectors so you can move it between trucks without any hassle.

Also, there isn’t a need to buy an expensive tablet or some other device to use with the ELD itself. One trucker who has a few trucks they rotate through can use one of these Stoneridge electronic logging devices on whatever vehicle is appropriate for the moment by a quick installation before getting on the road.

Another great thing about the team behind Stoneridge’s support is that they are available to help drivers who get stumped with the installation of use of the ELD. There is also support available if you run into issues when pairing your smartphone or tablet with the driver’s app. All of these things come at no cost to you; you get them merely from buying the device itself.

The Features Provided with the EZ-ELD Driver’s App

The Features Provided with the EZ-ELD Driver’s App

The application for the Stoneridge EZ-ELD is free, and it connects to both iOS and Android devices for electronic logging for truck drivers. While you can expect that from any version of ELD, this particular one goes farther by offering a variety of other features. Some of the things the app will do include:

• Check on your remaining allowed driving time
• View any of your logs form the last 30 days
• Change your duty status while on the go
• Track your activity according to HOS

Also, the application is going to illuminate any violations right across the screen, so you notice them right away. It also lets you send your logs instantly to safety officials. This is a considerable advantage for truck drivers since it makes these stops straightforward and quick so you can immediately get back on the road to your job.

The Cost and Extra Fees Associated with the Stoneridge EZ-ELD

Compared to a lot of the ELDs you’ll find on the market, the EZ-ELD is reasonably inexpensive, which is another plus it has going for it. The actual device typically goes for about $99, and since you can use your phone or tablet with it, there are no extra components that you need to worry about ordering. This isn’t the least expensive of the choices out there, but it’s a good value, nonetheless.

Like a lot of other ELDs you might be looking at, the Stoneridge EZ-ELD does have a subscription associated with it, and it has to be paid for every device that is in use. However, compared to other subscriptions, it only costs $15 a month, or you can pay $150 yearly to save a few dollars. The subscription also gives you access to DVIR and IFTA reporting, the Driver App, and Back Office software.

The Major Pros and Cons with the Electronic Logging Device by Stoneridge

While we’ve shared information about Stoneridge, their ELD device, and a number of its features, we still want to share the pros and cons of the EZ-ELD. This will give you a better idea of all the great things about this electronic logging device, as well as some of the places it might fall a little short. This will give you the insight you need to decide if this is the right device for your truck or your entire fleet of them.

  • Includes no hidden fees with upfront pricing
  • Products are sold individually for drivers and owner/operators
  • All devices are made of quality materials that will last
  • Features a stress-free installation and easy use
  • Offers three interchangeable diagnostic connectors
  • Includes six months of data storage on a mobile device
  • Features an intuitive user interface
  • Some users have experienced connection issues
  • May spit out multiple QR codes at one time
  • Customer service is not always the most responsive


The Stoneridge EZ-ELD is one of many electronic logging devices on the market. Still, it has a ton of features that make it an excellent choice for all sorts of drivers, owner/operators, and even larger companies. It’s a reliable device and fairly driver-friendly, even for those who might not be as tech-savvy as those around them. It also offers excellent value for the money, so you don’t have to feel like you’re spending too much for the features you get from it.

This is a fantastic option for someone who wants a simple way to comply with HOS and grow into using other features, or it can be used straight out of the box with all the features for someone who has experience with high-tech ELDs. With easy installation and set-up process, you can give it going in no time. It will provide you with more time to focus on the road or managing drivers, instead of worrying about other things.


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