Hutch ELD 2020

Is the ELD Right For You?

Need a quality ELD for your fleet of vehicles? Consider the Hutch ELD 2020, an ELD that could be right for the needs of your business.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is responsible for ensuring safety by helping to prevent commercial vehicle injuries and fatalities. To help improve commercial auto safety on the highways and roads, they have enacted a range of regulations. They perform regulatory compliance checks and enforcement, along with testing for commercial drivers’ licenses, and a host of other duties. They require that companies today use electronic logging devices (ELDs) with their drivers and vehicles, such as the ELD 2020, Powered by Hutch.

The review that follows will take a deeper look at this ELD to provide you with a better idea of how it works and whether it might be a good solution for your needs. We will be looking at the pros and cons of the system, as well, so you can make an informed decision when you are choosing an ELD for your fleet.

Pros and Cons of the ELD 2020, Powered by Hutch

Below, you will find a list of the pros and the cons that users may find when they choose this ELD option. A glance at the pros and cons can help to give you a better idea of whether you should be choosing this option or not.

  • Uses a new technology, so you don’t have to worry about disconnecting
  • Easy to use
  • Very inexpensive
  • Install the system on your apps or choose a device
  • Some feel it is not as robust as some other ELD options on the market

Specs of the ELD 2020

Below are a few of the basic specs associated with the ELD 2020 to give you a better idea of whether it might be what you need.

Compliance FMCSA-Certified
Device Tablet or Phone
Customer Support 24/7
Basic Features Hours of Service, Driving Time, Updates, Alerts, Roadside View
Payment Made Pay as You Drive ($0.99 a day)

Features of the ELD 2020, Powered by Hutch

The ELD 2020, Powered by Hutch, is a Pay as you Drive ELD, and it is the only one of its kind in North America. There are many interesting features with this device that could help to make it a good solution for many businesses.

New Wireless Technology

One of the first things you will note about this device is that it doesn’t use wireless, cellular, or Bluetooth, which could be subject to being disconnected. Instead, it uses a system created by Hutch Systems, Inc. and is based on 4G LTE tech certified on Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T networks. This can be helpful, as it will help to ensure accurate logs and peace of mind knowing that the system will always be available.

Vehicle Types

If you have large vehicles that transport goods across the country, you will be happy to know that the ELD will work with heavy-duty vehicles. It will also work with light-duty vehicles and passenger vehicles. Regardless of what you have in your fleet, you should be able to use this device with no problem.



The system provides compliance for hours of service rules in the United States and Canada. It will provide a range of different features and benefits including the ability to let you know about hours of service violations, so you can avoid them in the future. It also has hours of service split sleep provisions in the USA and Canada, hours of service auditing, accurate odometer readings, and notification for drivers when they are approaching violations of hours. Live tracking is available, as well.

Platforms and Components

You can install the system on iOS and Android devices by downloading the app. The app is easy to use and intuitive, and it features both night and day cluster modes. Regardless of which type of device you have, you will be able to download and app and get started quickly.

If you do not want to use your own phone or tablet and mount, you also have the option of choosing a device from ELD 2020. This includes a Plug-N-Play device, or a truck specific 6,9, or 16-pin Adapter/OEM cable. It’s nice to have a range of options available for the system, so you can find the one that best matches the needs of your business.

The Price

One of the features that have made many people fans of the ELD 2020 is the price. Once you download the app, you will only have to pay as your drive, and the cost is only $0.99 per day while you are driving. This means that there are not going to be charged when the truck is in for maintenance, for example.

Since you will only have to pay when you are driving, you will find that it’s going to be an affordable option. Those companies that are looking to remain compliant with the regulations, but who want to save as much money as possible will find that this could be a good solution for their needs.

When you order the ELD 2020, you will need to enter your DOT number, as well as the billing and shipping information. Make sure you are choosing the right adapter kit based on the vehicle you are using and your delivery preference. Ordering is as fast and easy as any other product that you might find online.

You will be able to add money to the account that you create to provide coverage for your vehicle(s). As you drive, the money will be depleted from the account, but you can go right to their site and then “recharge” your account by adding more money. Whether you have one vehicle, several, or an entire fleet, you will find that it’s often better to use a pay as you drive model like this to help you save the most money possible.

Ease of Getting Started

When you are choosing an ELD, you will always want to make sure that you are getting a system that will be easy to use. Installation is fast and easy, and you will just have to follow the instructions that are included with the system when you buy it. Most of the time, it will take you only about a minute to get it all set up and ready to go.

Quality Customer Support

One of the other features that many people enjoy regarding the ELD 2020 that’s Powered by Hutch is the quality of the customer service. Those who make and sell the product are proud of what they have created, and they can provide you with around the clock customer support, and a callback service. Most of the time, the centers will be able to get back to you within about five minutes of placing a call to them.

The Biggest Benefits of Choosing a Quality ELD in Addition to Compliance

We all know that you will need to have a great electronic logging device for the vehicles in your fleet to stay in compliance with the regulations in the United States and Canada. However, you might be surprised to consider some of the other benefits that using these systems can provide.

A Digital System Means More Hours on the Road

In the past, when people would track all of their hours and other information on paper, it could take up a substantial amount of time. This was often time that could have been spent driving instead. With the use of ELD, it means that people will be able to take care of their hours of service and other requirements faster. Some elements may even be automated to make things easier. This means fewer check-in calls and time spent sending hours to dispatch.

Inspections Are Faster

Inspections could often take a long time to get through because all of the paper logs would have to be gone through to look for violations and errors. With ELD, it’s all done on the computer, which means that drivers can get out on the road faster.

Error Reduction and Accuracy

One of the reasons that ELD was required and why the FMCSA was created in the first place was because of the number of accidents with injuries and fatalities in which commercial vehicles were involved. Some accidents were caused by drivers who were driving too many hours and not logging them. This meant that they were tired behind the wheel, which is dangerous.

With the use of ELDs, it will ensure that drivers are not in violation of the regulations on the number of hours they can drive. The system can notify them when they are getting close to being in violation, and company managers and owners can see the drivers that might be violating the rules.

Also, the use of the ELD will help to ensure that the logs and the information are more accurate. Everything is handled by the computer, so there won’t be errors where people are forgetful, where they are purposely trying to hide information, or due to human error in logging the information by dispatchers.

Helpful in Showing the Responsibility and Performance for Drivers

ELD essentially provides a documented history of the driver’s performance. This can be helpful for those drivers who might be looking to get a raise from the company they are working for, for example. If the company has an incentive program with payouts for excellent performance, the ELD information can be used as part of the basis in determining who will qualify for the payments.

It will also highlight those drivers who might not be performing up to expectations. The company can take this opportunity to help provide the drivers with the guidance they might need to improve at their job.

The ELDs will also be instrumental in documenting driver safety in case they are in an accident. While you do not want to think about your drivers getting into an accident where they could be injured or injure other people, these things do happen. Using a quality ELD can often record these types of events, providing you, the authorities, and the insurance companies with critical information. It may be possible to use this information to prove that your driver was not putting too many hours behind the wheel, and even that they weren’t at fault for the accident.

A More Efficient Company

When you use ELDs, it can also make for a much more efficient business. You can determine the number of hours that drivers have put behind the wheel, see who is on and off, and you can more easily create a schedule that is the most efficient for your business. This is far easier to do with the data that can come from the ELDs today when compared with doing it all by hand in the past.

Getting Help During a Breakdown

Even vehicles that are properly maintained may break down or have an incident on the road that puts them out of commission. With the use of an ELD, it will provide you with a fast and easy way to pinpoint exactly where your vehicle and driver are located. This means faster response to getting assistance to the vehicle, so it can get back on the road.

Who Could Benefit from Using ELD 2020, Powered by Hutch?

As you can see, there are many benefits to this system, and many different types of companies might like the idea of choosing a pay-as-you-drive system rather than paying a flat monthly fee. This may be true of some smaller companies, as well as those who have had their business impacted by COVID-19. If there has been a slowdown in business, it’s nice to only have to pay when the vehicles are in use rather than continuing to pay a full monthly fee.

Conclusion: Ready to Choose the ELD 2020?

The ELD 2020, Powered by Hutch is a quality ELD that is nice and easy to use regardless of the size of your fleet. The system is easy to use and you have a range of options on just how you install it whether you want an app for your phone or you want a device that can be added to your vehicle. It’s also one of the most cost-effective options on the market. The wide range of features help to make it a good option that will work for many, but you will still want to make sure that it can do everything your business will need.


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