The EROAD ELD 2020 : Is It a Cost-Effective Option for Your Fleet?

When you want an electronic logging device that doesn’t break the bank, the EROAD ELD is one option. Learn everything you need to know about the ELD here!

If you trust the voices of thousands of users across the United States, then you’ll want to know that many consider the EROAD ELD one of the best electronic logging devices (ELDs) available on the market today. While it doesn’t have the same roster of features as some of the most expensive models you can purchase, it has all the typical options to log hours of service and other essential data. Both drivers and fleet managers can use the device to streamline their work tasks.

One of the first things you may want to know is that this ELD is compliant with all FMCSAS mandate requirements. Secondly, it’s one of the more manageable devices to use for anyone in the shipping industry. It also brings in a selection of back-office features to ensure managers can keep on top of what drivers are doing at all times. This review will look at all the features of the device and whether it’s worth what it will cost you.

The Basics Behind the EROAD ELD

from a leading manufacturer, you aren’t in the minority. This ELD device is one that comes from a big name that has been offering electronic logging devices since the very beginning. It’s known for its ability to log drivers as they spend time on the road, but it also goes far beyond that with many unique features that make it stand out. When this product first hit the market, it was created to be a distance tracker to calculate fuel taxes better than any of the competitors out there. Because of that, the top-notch IFTA reporting capabilities are what make this ELD stand out. It can help a trucking company save money by claiming the appropriate exempt fuel tax miles. It also has many other tools to improve performance and convenience on the road and in the office. Before we delve into other features of this device, it’s essential to be aware of the specifications and whether it will work for your needs. We’ve compiled a few of the most important things to know so you can scan over it and make an initial decision.


Type of Device All in One Solution
Connection Type Hard Wired
FMCSA Compliant Yes
Training Videos Included
IFTA Reporting Yes
Driver Behavior Insights Yes

Some of the other extras you can expect from the EROAD ELD include the ability to message between drivers and the office, as well as the option to set up geofences. This allows managers to monitor specific locations that the company considers essential. Also available are DVIR functions, tracking of vehicle maintenance, and the option to monitor safety issues like hard cornering or braking.

What the EROAD ELD is Capable Of

The ELD from EROAD is made to be a single platform, so you get everything you need to start making a return on your investment. While the solution is a simple one, it will meet all your compliance, fleet management, and tax needs without relying on additional hardware or software. Instead of merely offering hardware and software, the company ensures you have all the features you need to grow your business. Some of the features and capabilities that you’ll get with the EROAD ELD are explained below:

Secure Technology in a Lightweight Form

While it isn’t a must to have a small ELD installed in your trucks, most people would consider it a perk. This hardware unit is small and sleek with a modern design that can transmit, record, and store encrypted data using a typical cellular network. All of the data that goes through the airways is processed through a secure server and lands at a safe website known as the Depot. Visiting the site lets you view, save, export, and download all the information.

The payment gateway for the website is bank-grade to offer the top security when using this ELD. It also allows you the ability to look at motor carrier records and pay or file weight tax obligations without leaving the platform.

Fleet Management Functions Are Included

Fleet Management Functions Are Included

Many of the electronic logging devices you come across are also going to have fleet management tools. For this reason, the brains behind the EROAD ELD have innovated what they provide to ensure top productivity for your trucking business. This is just one of the reasons that fleet management personnel and drivers appreciate this ELD over its competitors.

The ELD has user-friendly reports and data that you can flip through any time you like. This helps to cut down on costs while you reduce downtime and improve the level of customer service that you can provide. Some of the features that this suite makes available include geofence site activity, messaging, daily fleet activity, truck traffic, and fuel management.

Compliance With Safety Requirements is Built-In

Trucking mandates are requirements put into place to make the roads safer for truck drivers and everyone else on the road. Because of that, the best electronic logging device is going to have a variety of features that enhance truck safety. The EROAD ELD has both services and technology that help you ensure compliance with regulations while keeping safety at the forefront.

Having these features available can help you reduce liability and costs throughout an entire fleet. Some of the safety features you can make use of with the device include EROAD inspect, an overspeed dashboard, driver insights, maximum speed alerts, a virtual speed camera, and the EROAD leaderboard.

Easier Roadside Enforcement Encounters

Since the new FMCSA mandate requirements became law in 2017, having an approved ELD is a must for any trucker when dealing with roadside inspections. The EROAD ELD acts as a full solution that is designed to ensure you keep your activities legal while making driving a more straightforward process. Getting through checkpoints is easier than ever when you use this device.

Drivers with an EROAD ELD can access and share all manner of required documents with officers doing inspections, so they can cut down on time and get back on the road.

A More Accurate Means of Keeping Records

When you compare the old fashioned style of keeping paper logs with the electronic ability that truckers have today, the latter is not only more comfortable to use but also more reliable for a truck fleet. The EROAD ELD steps it up by making record management more straightforward for fleet managers and drivers through an intuitive system for ensuring all logging is done appropriately.

To provide drivers with better hours of service record keeping, compliance guidelines are offered on the device screen along with violation reporting options. This makes it easier for drivers to monitor their hours for the day or week, while managers can see whether drivers stand at any time that they like.

Access to Timesheet Reports and More

Having constant access to each driver’s log of work hours is something that the EROAD ELD provides for managers of a fleet. However, it also goes above and beyond by including the miles that every truck has driven within a specific set period that you can choose. This makes monitoring drivers and how well they are doing easier than ever before, so managers can focus on other tasks.

Also, all of the logs are available to export in a CSV file format, which gives you the chance to analyze the data further using standard office software. This will further streamline management processes since administering payroll is as simple as it could be.

Potential to Include Short Haul Exemptions

While every ELD should have an option for exemptions on short-haul shipments, that isn’t always the case. However, the EROAD ELD does offer this functionality to be even more useful to drivers and managers. There are many exemptions included to make life easier, such as the following:

  • 30-minute long rest break exemptions
  • 100 air mile short-haul exemptions
  • 16-hour exemptions
  • Adverse condition exemptions

All in all, the features with this ELD stand up to any other device out there. However, we still need to talk about the cost and whether it’s within your budget.

Costs Associated with the EROAD ELD

When you’re looking for an affordable logging device for trucking, the EROAD ELD is likely going to come up. It’s considered one of the least expensive options available today. One of the ways this is possible is through the option to choose from various pricing plans according to your needs. The device itself doesn’t require you to make an upfront payment, and the monthly subscriptions are largely affordable.


The amount you end up spending every month for your subscription depends on the variety of features you want available. Below are the subscription plans that you can choose from:

  • ELD Only Plan – For those who need only a simple ELD plan, this is the most affordable option from the provider. It costs only $35 a month and will ensure you have typical fleet management and electronic logging tools to use.
  • TotalTax Plan – This is the midrange plan from the company, and it offers a considerable number of features for those who want more capability and functionality from the device. Everything but the most advanced features is included when you choose this option. If you decide to go with this selection, it will cost $45 a month.
  • TotalFleet Plan – If you want the absolute best plan from the provider, this is the one for you. It offers every feature for the EROAD ELD in one easy to handle package, so you don’t miss out on important information and insights. Those who go with the top of the line package will need to pay $60 each month.

While there aren’t a lot of extra fees when choosing this electronic logging device, you will end up needing to pay an activation fee to get started. This is $35 for each device that you use for your fleet. However, with no upfront cost for the device, it’s still very affordable and offers value for what you spend.

The Pros and Cons Related to the EROAD ELD

Any of the ELDs that are on the market today are going to have benefits as well as shortcomings. The main thing that you need to decide is which features are requirements and what drawbacks are dealbreakers. Because we want to offer an honest review about what the EROAD ELD is excellent at and what it doesn’t quite get right, you can look at the pros and cons below to decide if it’s the electronic logging device you have been waiting for.

  • Features a durable construction
  • Includes easy to use technology for drivers and managers
  • Verified to be entirely compliant for trucking mandates
  • Offers one of the top fuel tax trackers on the market
  • Includes high accuracy, reliability, and security
  • Affordable compared to many options available
  • Includes a smaller screen than some all-in-one devices
  • Customer support is only available during business hours


The EROAD ELD not only keeps you on top of all mandated FMCSA requirements but also does so in an innovative and simple to use manner. Because of that, there are many fleet managers, drivers, and owner-operators who can attest this electronic logging device is one of the best out there. It has a wide selection of features to make both driving and back-office work more streamlined and efficient.

The free demo for this device lets you try it without buying so you can decide if it’s right for your needs. There is also a selection of training options available so the entire fleet team can be up to speed on the use of the ELD in no time. Whether you want simple compliance or appreciate driver scoring, fleet monitoring, or fuel tax reporting, this ELD brings it all. Take a look at everything is offers and decide whether it’s the right choice for your needs.


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