The GeoWiz ELD 2020

A Top Contender with No Monthly Fees

No matter what kind of driving you do, the GeoWiz ELD offers features to make life easier. From farming to construction, there’s an app made just for you.

If you’re visiting this page, you probably already know that there are various rules and regulations around truck drivers to keep them safe while on the job. At the end of 2017, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) required that all trucks have computerized hours of service systems installed inside. Since these devices don’t last forever, there are always managers and truckers looking for a new option to keep track of hours and more.

One of the EDLs making waves out there is the GeoWiz ELD, which is provided by GeoSpace Labs. It’s one of the most state of the art information systems for truck drivers to include a compliant hours of service module. It also happens to be one of the few products out there which doesn’t have a monthly cost associated with it. It offers all sorts of features for various industries and could be the next excellent ELD for your needs.

Ready to learn more about this excellent system for trucks and fleet managers alike? We’ll share everything we know so you can decide if it’s right for just below.

Specifications for the GeoWiz ELD

Connections 6- or 9-in ECU
Compatibility Android or Apple smartphones and tablets
Covered Industries Agriculture, single-user, construction, short-haul, waste disposal, bus driver, oil and gas
Modem Price $159
Light Edition Price Free
Pro Subscription Price $17 a month
ELD Compliance Yes
US and Canadian HOS Rules Yes
Multi-Language Support Yes

What to Expect from the GeoWiz ELD Collection

What to Expect from the GeoWiz ELD Collection

While most companies put out an ELD or two at a time, that isn’t the way that GeoSpace Labs has gone with the line of GeoWiz options. A quick look at their website will show you a variety of electronic logging devices, each of which has a specific purpose. The current options include the following:

  • Agriculture ELD CFR 395 & 396, 49 CFR 395.1(k)
  • OO CMV Single User Simplified CFR 395 & 396
  • Construction + Heavy ELD 395, 396, 395.1(e)(1)
  • Official Florida FS 316.302 Regulation ELD
  • Waste Disposal ELD CFR 395 & 396, 49 CFR 395.1(e)(1)
  • Short Haul + Light ELD CFR 395 & 396, 49 CFR 395.1(e)(1)
  • Oil & Gas Deep Field ELD CFR 395 & 396, 49 CFR 395.1(e)(1)
  • Passenger ELD CFR 395 & 396, 49 CFR 395.5

What does all of this mean? If you specialize in one of the kinds of trucking above, there’s an individual ELD made for it. As you can also see, there are more general electronic logging devices for those who don’t fit into one of the industries that GeoWiz is optimized for.

The company offers federally certified tracking technology intended to make people safe when on the road. Many of the systems provided can help with problems related to distracted driving and logging while ensuring top-level driver management at the same time. The company also offers a variety of accessories and hardware options for ELD, as well. An example of some of the features from the single user ELD includes:

  • Access to Logs Through Website or App
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Drive Safety Scorecards
  • Driver Workflows
  • Field Maintenance
  • HOS Management of Driving, Cycles, and Shifts
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Personnel Usage and Yard Moves
  • State Miles Reports & Capture
  • Unassigned Driving Resolution

What the GeoWiz is Capable Of

This device from GeoWiz helps you automate CFR 395 and 396 through the use of simple and straightforward technology that complies with the mandate from FMCSA. It can be used as either an electronic logging device or an automatic onboard recording device (AOBRD), depending on your specific needs.

As with most of these logging devices, this one comes in an application form that is compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. The company also offers a plugin that matches the apps for both new and old engines in semi-trucks. A service is available that can also extend the logbook or route a large fleet of trucks around the country. Also, drivers will have access to route times, in-app messages, customer bills, maps, and drop-in schedules.

Reasons to Consider GeoWiz for Your Logging Device

There are numerous things that make GeoWiz different from the competition, starting with the fact that it has a reasonable price. It also helps that the product can be purchased one time and used forever without paying anything more, so long as you don’t mind using the basic version. Those who wish to use the pro features will have a fee each month, but this isn’t required in any way.

This also means there aren’t a bunch of pricing tiers to worry about or a dozen upsells that you can make. The cost isn’t hidden or obscured in any way. The GeoWiz LTE ELD is only $299 when not bundled with a tablet, case, printer, or other items from the company. Those who go pro can expect a $17 fee each month, but it goes no farther than that. Once you have the device, you need to pay nothing else to use it.

While FMCSA compliance is provided by the GeoWiz ELD, that isn’t everything it offers. There is everything from GPS to DVIR, IFTA, logging, routing, customer portals, signature capture, fleet management, geo-based analytics, and multi-authority tracking.

Another reason that GeoWiz comes recommended is that it’s very easy to use. The entire idea behind the electronic logging system from the company is that transitioning to use ELD should be easy and straightforward. Even with all the features that the device and apps offer, it’s still intuitive and excellent for beginners.

Also, this is a single ELD system that includes everything from ECU firmware to mobile device software, and even hardware. This indicates that there aren’t several vendors involved in engineering and building the device, which makes things much simpler for everyone. You can also expect regular updates from the development team on an average of once a month or so.

Simplicity in Installation with GeoWiz ELD

When you purchase the electronic logging device hardware, it’s one of the simplest versions to install on the market today. It’s exceedingly small and it has no wires or other components. This is exactly why you can install it in a matter of moments. The device will fit into a six or nine-pin ECU port, and then all that is left to do is installing the GeoWiz app of your choice to your tablet or smartphone.

All the Best Features of the GeoWiz Electronic Logging Device

All the Best Features of the GeoWiz Electronic Logging Device

There are tons of features included with the GeoWiz, and it has capabilities that can compete with any other LDR on the market. Some of the features worth noting include the following:

• Asset Management
• Barcoding
• Driver Dispatch
• DVIR Logs
• Fleet Maintenance
• GPS Tracking
• Hours of Service
• IFTA & Fuel Logging
• Mapping
• Order Entry
• Route Logging

Besides the features already mentioned, GeoWiz also lets you take paperless signatures. How this works is that you sign delivery notes and invoices using the camera on your tablet or smartphone. You can also create custom portals for customers and determine what they can view and share so they have access to the right documents.

The included billing sheet is also an innovative feature of the ELD. Not only can you use standard delivery billing, but you can also build custom rate schedules and cross-billing options, too. There’s no limit to the options here, which is another area where this device boasts its high level of customization.

How the GeoWiz App Works

The GeoWiz app makes it easy to log miles as you are on the road in a way a paper logbook could never keep up with. The app is GPS enabled and allows you to build DVIRS, track all your hours of service, and even take photos that can be drawn on or attached to road inspections. Also, this app offers the option to sign your log and DVIR electronically.

This app is capable of tracking time, along with what location you are in when specific activity occurs. It also connects various accounts on the cloud, so it backs up and saves your log entries regularly. It also tracks mileage and fuel consumption, among other things, for each truck in a fleet.

Once the app has been installed on a smart device, you can set it to ELD or AOBRD mode. You can also scan document barcodes and even attach documents that you wish to have in an electronic form. This allows you to keep all your important paperwork in one place so you can access it later.

Also, this app offers a few other features. You can now use the app on your device to make sure your workers are where you want them to be exactly when you want them to be. There’s also tracking available so you can see all your trucks and operators in real-time. Invoicing also allows you to get time or location records by job or activity.

Simple Use for Those Without ELD Experience

Even drivers who have never used an electronic logging device will find this one simple to pick up and understand. Most users can master the system within a week of working with it, which is pretty impressive and shows how intuitive the option is. Dispatchers will also find that using and applying the system to meet their needs is a simple process. Using GeoWiz tools will help managers run their fleets and get the best possible performance.

However, you must keep in mind that a learning curve is present, and it may be more difficult to grasp for those who don’t often use apps or smartphones. The good news is that GeoWiz offers a selection of instructions and training videos to help make the process easy and straightforward. Also, the app keeps a design similar to paper logbooks to make learning to use it a breeze.

The combination of online training and instructor-based training will ensure that everyone who uses the device understands it inside and out. In situations where someone needs additional help, there is also phone support provided for those who purchase this ELD.

Pros & Cons of the GeoWiz ELD System

Pros & Cons of the GeoWiz ELD System

Now that you know some of the main features of the GeoWiz ELD system and have an idea of whether or not it might meet your needs, we want to share some of the advantages and downfalls of this electronic logging device. No device is perfect, and we want to share both the good and bad aspects of this product so you can make a knowledgeable decision about whether to purchase it or not.

  • Features a wide-ranging carrier information system
  • Offers the option to work in both ELD and AOBRD modes
  • Simple to use and understand even for beginners
  • •Incudes several customization options
  • Comes at a competitive price compared to other ELDs
  • No monthly fees unless you go for the pro mode
  • Applications can be slow on occasion
  • Customer service may not be the most responsive

As you can see, this device has a lot going for it and very few things that take away from what it offers. For those who want an intuitive option that can do just about everything, the GeoWiz is an option you should keep in your pocket.


GeoWiz is provided by GeoSpace Labs and includes modem eLog tech as well as a carrier information system. It’s FMCSA compliant hardware and software that blend to offer top of the line functionality for truck drivers and those who manage them. This system runs on Android and Apple devices in ELD or AOBRD modes. GeoWiz could change the way your fleet operates and make life simpler for everyone at your business.

If you’re looking for a simple app that allows you to create routes, view your logs, inspect defects, run reports, and more, GeoWiz is a solid choice that many current users couldn’t be happier with. Fleet managers will also appreciate this hardware/software combo for its asset management, multi-authority tracking, geo-based analytics, customer portals, and more. It’s certainly one to consider and might even be the perfect solution for your driving or managing needs.


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