TrackOn ELD – What Features Do They Offer Your Fleet?

Don’t just use an electronic logging device to meet FMCSA standards. With TrackOn ELD, you can update your fleet, increase efficiency, maximize driver safety, and improve the overall management of your team. Read here to learn more about TrackOn’s features.

If you’re in the trucking industry, you are undoubtedly aware by now that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) made a final regulation in 2015 mandating that all trucks be equipped with electronic logging devices (ELD). This new regulation means that your company may have had to switch from its older fleet management devices. If that’s the case for your fleet, you may not realize that you could be better optimizing your ELD services.

Rather than settling for the bare minimum, just to meet federal regulations, you could be using your electronic logging device to track fuel usage, locate every vehicle in your fleet, log their mileage, and even keep data on the speed that your drivers are traveling. With a service like TrackOn, you receive the necessary hardware and software to fully integrate all aspects of your fleet management into a single, clean, innovative platform.

In this article, we will take a look into every product and feature that TrackOn has to offer your fleet. We’ll look at the functionality of their services, the diversity of their products, and evaluate some customer opinions. We hopefully can assist you in getting started with taking your fleet management into the future. If you’re ready, let’s dive into this review.

The Functionality of TrackOn

The Functionality of TrackOn

Most trucking and transportation companies look for a big-name supplier when it comes to tracking and ELD technology. The promise of quality that comes with a long-standing reputation lets fleet managers and business owners sleep easy at night without worrying about the accuracy and dependability of their electronic logging devices. TrackOn is among the leaders in the ELD industry and has been supplying their goods and services longer than most other companies.

TrackOn originally designed their products to keep records on the quantity of fuel that companies’ vehicles consumed. For this reason, still to this day, they have one of the best reputations for tracking IFTA reports. However, over time, they have adapted and developed their services to meet a broader array of needs. TrackOn is fully accredited by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and they seek to improve all their customers’ efficiency and productivity.

TrackOn offers several different pieces of hardware that can be adapted to their dual ELD and AOBRD TrackOn Mobile software. They have designed their software to be used with a desktop browser or through their mobile app. Regardless of whether you use iOS or Android devices, TrackOn is guaranteed to be compatible with your mobile phone or tablet. By offering a mobile option, drivers and fleet managers can follow employee hours, fuel consumption, daily logs, and vehicle inspection reports from anywhere. This way, your company does not have to be restricted to a physical office space.

TrackOn software includes an assortment of features that we wanted to go through and breakdown. We will look at how each feature can benefit your company.


TrackOn ELD Specifications




3 Hardware options & ELD Software




Mobile App & Desktop Browser



Hours of Tracking


FMCSA compliant


Generates daily logs




Tracks fuel consumption and efficiency




Intuitive in-app forms




Unclear, must request a quote

Hours of Service

Hours of Service

This is probably the most important feature included with TrackOn software. Using the app’s Hours of Service (HOS) tracking feature, you can manage drivers’ work hours while keeping your company in compliance with US federal regulations. Managing your drivers’ hours will keep them safe on the road and minimize the risks associated with sleep deprivation. The last thing you need as a business owner is the liability of a driver who fell asleep at the wheel.

Using the Hours of Service feature, drivers can easily clock in and out by switching their driving status to ON or OFF via their mobile app. Once drivers have indicated that they are working, TrackOn will begin generating daily logs to keep track of driver’s data as well as logging information sent from the engine. The mobile app will also send out alerts to fleet managers if drivers approach the limit of their daily hours, helping to eliminate violations within the company.

International Fuel Trade Agreement (IFTA)

Beyond tracking your driver’s hours to stay in compliance with federal regulations, you will also have to track and report the amount of fuel that your vehicles have used while shipping goods across multiple jurisdictions. While this does meet IFTA regulations, it is also an excellent standard to follow for maintaining your business. To run profitably, you should know precisely how much money drivers are spending on fuel. Thankfully, with TrackOn, you can keep accurate logs of how much fuel your fleet consumes.

Beyond tracking and logging fuel consumption on a digital cloud, TrackOn records the speed and fuel efficiency of every vehicle in your fleet. By making use of this feature, you can compile months of data and identify inefficiencies within your fleet. Eliminating wasted fuel will save your business money. Furthermore, as previously stated, TrackOn was initially developed to log fuel consumption and, therefore, has one of the best IFTA reporting systems on the market today.

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting

With TrackOn, you can automate all processes involved with fleet management, and that includes Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR). Using the TrackOn app, you can computerize inspections, repairs, and accident investigations. Filling out vehicle inspection reports is simplified by making it easily accessible within the app’s pulldown menu. By just clicking the DVIR option, drivers are guided through the necessary steps to fill out their inspections.

Should a driver need to report a defect, they can pick the relevant part of their vehicle and make a small note on the condition of the defect. For even more detail, drivers can also include a photograph of the damage. As soon as drivers file their reports, fleet managers can view the details in real-time and get started on a solution to the driver’s problem. Eliminating the time between a report and a repair will keep your fleet on the road and keep you to your timetable.

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

When time is of the essence and fuel wasted is money lost, you want your drivers to be on the road when they say they are on the road. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Drivers can, on occasion, veer from their set path. With TrackOn’s GPS tracking feature, you will know exactly where your fleet is at all times. You can eliminate unauthorized trips and guarantee that drivers are sticking to their schedule.

Your fleet is the key to your business, so if drivers are misusing their rigs for personal trips and weekend vacations, it could be putting unneeded miles of wear and tear on your money makers. If your drivers know that their vehicles are being tracked, they will be less likely to abuse their privileges.


While the mentioned features are available with all TrackOn products, some of their more advanced hardware includes further features. TrackOn currently sells three different types of hardware—Level One, the Expert, and the Mini. Each piece of hardware has its own benefits, so let’s go through each of them.

Level One

The Level One is more of a tracking unit than an automatic onboard recording device. It is designed to have the absolute highest durability and includes anti-theft protection. This is a great option for companies working with railway carts, shipping containers, or even construction equipment. The Level One will measure environmental variables like temperature, air pressure, and humidity—an excellent feature for anyone shipping perishables. It will also log acceleration, tilting, and GPS information. With the Level One, you really can place it and leave it as the battery is guaranteed to last for six whole years! Should it die on you, though, it is easily rechargeable with a simple USB.

The Expert

The Expert is TrackOn’s premium hardware. With The Expert, you get all of the standard TrackOn features plus Garmin navigation, a temperature sensor, a tachograph to measure vehicle speeds, and it is designed to work with Russian GLONASS, Chinese Beidou, and standard GPS satellite networks. Therefore, you can use TrackOn just about anywhere in the world.

The Mini

As its name suggests, The Mini is a smaller and less complex version of The Expert. The Mini does not feature any additional abilities, though. Instead, this is a standard ELD that logs hours of service, IFTA, and DVIR. It is still a quality TrackOn product and is well suited to businesses only looking for the essentials to improve their fleet management.


Unfortunately, TrackOn is not upfront with their prices. Because they offer a variety of hardware, you must first request a quote to get an estimate from them. Yet, this is easily done through their website. You can contact them by email or call for pricing information. They will surely price according to the hardware you desire and how large your fleet is.

Customer Reviews

You might assume that many of the features offered by TrackOn can be found in any other ELD service, but TrackOn stands out among its competitors. By offering more than a single piece of hardware, TrackOn gives its customers the option of picking their product and service level. TrackOn also makes switching from a basic automatic onboard recording device to an electronic logging device easier for companies going through a transition. TrackOn blends features from both types of devices so that businesses can continue to keep records in the same way.

But rather than keep records separate, TrackOn will organize and compile all records, logs, and reports into a single digital platform. You will save time on paperwork and increase your company’s overall efficiency. For these reasons, TrackOn has received widely favorable reviews from their customers.

Of course, by not being transparent about their pricing, some business owners have been left unsatisfied with their experience. Requesting a quote to then only find out that the company’s terms of service or pricing are too steep can be a major waste of time, especially if the company does not get back to you right away.

However, for customers who are comfortable going through with a quote, TrackOn’s customer service has been well regarded. TrackOn offers 24/7 experienced customer support through its mobile app for drivers and also an email and phone call service via their online platform for fleet managers. Should you ever need support, TrackOn is ready and waiting for your call.

  • FMCSA accredited Hours of Service tracking
  • Top International Fuel Trade Agreement records
  • Streamlined Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports
  • Intuitive mobile app and online dashboard
  • A variety of hardware options
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Requires a quote to receive pricing


As a business owner in the transportation industry, you’re required to install electronic logging devices in all of your vehicles. But don’t just go out and buy the most basic package to fulfill some government regulation. Investing in a top of the line ELD will improve your business and save your company money in the long run. With TrackOn, you’ll be better off.

By investing in one of TrackOn’s three different pieces of hardware, you will have access to their incredible digital platform. You’ll be tracking drivers’ hours of service, reviewing vehicle inspection reports, managing and analyzing fuel expenditures, and rooting out every inefficiency in your fleet, all with one easy-to-use online dashboard. Gone are the days of sorting through physical copies of drivers’ logs and accident reports. By digitalizing, you’ll save time and effort.

For information on how to get set up, you can call or email TrackOn to get a quote. Their contact information is easily accessible through their website, and they are standing by to take your details. Don’t let regulations hold your company back. With TrackOn, you’ll be soaring above your competition. We hope that this article has provided you with answers to all your questions and hope you enjoy the quality of TrackOn’s ELD.


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