Tracksmart ELD In-Depth 2020

Is This the Right ELD for Your Fleet?

Considering choosing the Tracksmart ELD for your vehicle fleet? Read on to learn more about the features and benefits this system can provide for you.

You never want to choose just the first electronic logging device that you research. Instead, you want to make sure that you are choosing the right ELD for your business, and checking reviews is a great way to do that. The right ELD ensures you will be compliant with the laws and regulations that are in place today, and it can help to ensure that you are getting a quality system for your fleet management. The Tracksmart ELD in-depth 2020 review that follows can help to give you a better idea of what the system offers.

We will be looking at all of the benefits that the system will provide, and we will point out some of the flaws of the system to ensure you are making a sound decision when making your purchase. Use this review and reviews of other ELDs, so you can be sure you are buying the right one for your fleet.

Pros and Cons of the Tracksmart ELD

It’s time to look at a list of some of the biggest benefits and some of the drawbacks associated with the Tracksmart ELD. By looking at both the good parts of the ELD and some of the potential cons, it will help you make the right choice when you are choosing your fleet’s electronic logging device.

  • ELD and HOS compliant
  • DVIR
  • Driver scorecards
  • Easy to use
  • Easy installation
  • Unlimited training and support
  • The device costs more than many other options
  • The backend does not work with Mac currently

Specs of the Tracksmart ELD

Below are some of the important specs of the Tracksmart ELD that you will want to know about before you make your decision on whether it’s the right solution for your company or not.

Compliance FMCSA-Certified
Device Tablet or Phone
Customer Support Phone, Email, and Online Forms
Basic Features Hours of Service, DVIR, Driver Scorecards, Violation Tracking
Payment Made Monthly fee of $19.99 and One-Time Hardware Cost of $249

Features of the Tracksmart ELD

Tracksmart wants to be the solution for all of your fleet management needs. The company has a system that meets the ELD Mandate compliance requirements and provides a range of benefits and features for the users.

Hours of Service and ELD

The HOS (Hours of Service) regulation determines the number of hours anyone can operate a commercial motor vehicle. These were put in place as a preventative measure to help reduce the risk of having tired drivers on the road. Many commercial vehicles are quite large, such as semi-trucks, and it makes sense to restrict the number of hours that these drivers can be behind the wheel. The FMCSA requires that the hours, the duty status, and duration are logged through an ELD.

Inspectors on the road will often request these records during roadside inspections. The use of the ELD ensures that these records are easily available and accurate. Tracksmart ELD makes it easy to keep accurate track of the HOS, ensuring that drivers are always compliant with the laws. The system uses Bluetooth to ensure that the reports are made instantly.

Users will also be happy to know that if there are any changes made to the ELD Mandate, the app will be updated automatically. The system can work very well for a range of different types of commercial vehicles.

Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports

Each day, drivers are required to inspect their vehicles before they can start their shifts. During the inspections, they are required to check a range of different parts of the vehicle such as the tires, brakes, signals, and mirrors. With the right ELD, it is possible to log and send this information quickly and easily. Then, when the driver has to go through a roadside inspection conducted by the Department of Transportation, they will have all of the data ready to go. This will make the inspection process faster and easier, so the driver can get back on the road quickly.

While this might not seem like a huge benefit, consider how these reports were handled in the past. It could take quite some time each day to make sure that the logs were properly provided to the managers and that they were logged. Just getting the information to the inspectors could take a long time, as well. This speeds up the process, which is sure to be appreciated by the drivers, inspectors, customers, and your business.

GPS Tracking

One of the other fleet solutions that you will find with the software system is GPS, which can help your company in a range of ways. GPS tracking systems can help to reduce the cost of labor and increase the efficiency of workers. You can track where the drivers are located, make sure that they have the best routes, and more.

A good system can help you track your fuel consumption for each of the vehicles, which can provide insight into driver habits, such as speeding, idling, and taking the vehicle off the chosen route for personal errands. By keeping better track of the miles on the vehicle, and improving the behaviors of drivers who are behind the wheel, it can also help to reduce the wear and tear on the vehicle, reduce maintenance costs, and prolong the life of the vehicle.

Another benefit of GPS tracking is how it can help in the event of vehicle theft. It will be possible to alert the authorities quickly and to know the location of the vehicle to help aid in recovery.

Potential Issues with the Tracksmart ELD

The system has a lot going for it. It’s easy to use, it has some great features, and it ensures that your fleet and drivers will be complying with the laws. However, that does not mean that there are not any flaws that need to be addressed. For the most part, the flaws are small.

For starters, many have lamented that the website does not have as much information as they would like, so they can decide on whether they want to buy. Many would like to have some additional information about the product, how it will work for them, and a larger list of all of the features that it can offer.

One of the other issues is that the cost of the device that connects to the vehicle’s computer is more expensive than many of the other devices on the market. The current price is $249 for the device. The price of the monthly service is quite low, though. It’s only $19.99 per month per vehicle. This is a bit cheaper than what you will find with many of the other options available today. Even though the device might be more expensive, the low monthly price can help to offset the initial cost.

Finally, when it comes to the backend support in the office, the Tracksmart Fleet Complete software solution that can be installed on computers for managers and dispatch only supports Windows 7 and up, not Mac. If you have a company that is running on Mac, this is not the solution for you right now.

How Does the System Work?

How Does the System Work?

As with many of the ELD options, you will need to install a device that connects to the vehicle’s onboard computer. This will receive information about the vehicle, which will be used to determine things like the number of hours and miles, the driver, and other pertinent data. This will connect to the driver’s mobile device, such as a smartphone or a tablet. Tracksmart uses the Tracksmart Fleet Tracker AX9 for this task.

The drivers will have the Tracksmart Fleet Complete HoS app installed on the device. They will then use the app when they are logging into the system and changing their duty status, for example. The app can take care of the recording and can send the data back to the office backend.

The managers, dispatch, and others in the office who may need to use the system will be able to install the same Tracksmart Fleet Complete software onto their laptops or desktops. The system supports Windows 7 and up. However, you will want to keep in mind that Mac is not currently supported according to the company’s website, as mentioned above.

The company promises to offer unlimited support and training on request. This is a nice benefit, but it doesn’t make it clear how this support and training will be provided.

Benefits of Tracksmart

Why would you want to choose Tracksmart ELD when there are other options available? The company provides some nice benefits in addition to the quality of the ELD service they provide. They have a dedicated customer service department that works to make sure you understand how to use the system and that can answer questions when you have a problem. The system itself is easy to install and to use, and the company even offers free implementation. This is something you will not find with many of the other companies providing electronic logging devices today. This is an affordable solution that can work well for fleets of nearly any size. The app is intuitive, which means that most people should get the hang of using the system quickly. The low learning curve means that your drivers and those in the backend will adopt it and get up to speed in no time. Keep in mind that there is training available for those who may need it and who want to get the most out of the system. The system helps to reduce the amount of work and effort that needs to be put in by the driver and the office. No longer will you have to worry about paperwork since it can all be done digitally. It’s a solid solution that can work well for many companies today. Also, you may want to look at another option from Tracksmart that could be a wise solution for your fleet’s vehicles.

Additional Tracksmart Service to Consider

Additional Tracksmart Service to Consider

While you want the Tracksmart ELD to ensure that your company is complying with the ELD mandate, you might also want to look at one of the other services and products from the company that can help to improve safety. The company has a dashcam that can capture HD evidence, provide a recorded GPS location, and even help to analyze the behaviors of the driver.

The use of dashcams has shown that it can help to reduce the frequency of accidents, improve fuel economy, improve driver behavior, and provide defense for the courts in the event of an accident. It could help to reduce insurance premiums and increase claim resolution, as well.

Although a dashcam might not be needed when you are choosing an ELD, it’s an option to consider, and you could get both from Tracksmart. It may be nice to have both of these solutions from the same company, so you only have to deal with one business.

Conclusion: Is Tracksmart the Right Solution for Your Company’s Vehicle Fleet?

We know that the law requires you to have an ELD that meets all of the requirements of the FMCSA. The Tracksmart ELD meets all of those requirements and could be a great solution for those who are seeking an electronic logging device. As you have seen the app is easy to use, it takes care of hours of service, records of duty, vehicle inspections, and much more. It’s a solid solution that will be easy for people to use.

One of the best features is the price. Despite the cost of the hardware, the monthly payments are low and should work well for many fleets today. Of course, you will want to check all of the features and options and compare those to what you want and need from your ELD. Always take the time to find what will work best for your fleet.


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