Transflo ELD 2020

Top Features of the System, Cost, and Reviews from Users

Worried about choosing the right ELD for your company? The Transflo ELD 2020 review can provide you with information on the benefits, the drawbacks, and more.

Finding the right ELD for your company’s fleet of vehicles is no small task. You need to be sure that the electronic logging device you are considering will be capable of complying with the ELD Mandate and any updates that are made to the regulations. You also need to be sure that it’s easy to use and has all of the features that you want and need for your drivers and the office backend. Read the Transflo ELD 2020 review to get a better idea of whether it might be a good solution for your needs or not.

We will be covering the features, pros and cons of the system, the cost, and more. We will also be looking at information that has come directly from users of the system, so you can have a better understanding of how the electronic logging device works in the real world with actual drivers.

Pros and Cons of the Transflo ELD

We will start by looking at a list of the benefits and potential drawbacks of the ELD. This can help you to determine at a glance whether it could be a good solution for your business or not.

  • Easy to use
  • Two affordable payment plan options available
  • Compliant with FMCSA requirements
  • GPS tracking
  • Some have had issues with logging into and out of the device
  • Some have had problems with the platform crashing

Specs of the Transflo ELD

Here, you will find some of the most important specs of the ELD from Transflo, so you can see whether it will work for your needs.

Compliance FMCSA-Registered
Device Tablet and Phone
Customer Support Phone and Email Support, as well as Online Resources
Basic Features Hours of Service, IFTA, DVIR, with Other Options Including Driver Behavior, Accident Detection, and Vehicle Analytics When Choosing the Telematics Option
Payment $109.99 for the Device and Either $28 or $31 per Month Depending on the Plan You Choose

Features of the Transflo ELD

In this section, we will be looking at the features of the ELD basic service, as well as the additional features that are available with the telematics option. We will also be looking at the tools in the telematics plan, so you can get a good idea of everything available when you are using Transflo ELD.

Ease of Use

Choosing an ELD that is simple to understand and use is always a good idea. It ensures that everyone who has to use the app will have an easy time using it. Fortunately, the Transflo ELD is a simple app to operate, and it is easy to navigate to all of the most important areas of the application. Installation of the device is just as easy.

Compliance with the ELD Mandate

The entire purpose of using an ELD is to ensure that you are complying with the regulations that have been put in place by the government. The app makes the entire process much easier than the old method of using paper logs, and it ensures you comply. When you use the app, it will record the hours of service, your electronic logs, and provide automatic duty status changes.

The device and app can also ensure that the fleet managers will have the data and information needed to make decisions for the drivers and the company. It’s easy to access information and to ensure that drivers are not behind the wheel for more hours than are allowed.


The International Fair Tax Agreement requires that a motor vehicle travels in at least two IFTA jurisdictions to quality. The vehicle also needs to have three or more axles or weigh at least 26,000 lbs. for qualification or be a bus that will carry at least 20 passengers. Companies are required to collect and report mileage and fuel usage at the end of each quarter.

This can be time-consuming and difficult to do using paperwork, but with a quality system like the Transflo ELD, it will make the process fast and simple. It also provides accuracy, so you will not have to worry about human error causing any problems for you.


The ELD system from Transflo will also make it much easier to handle the daily vehicle inspection reports. The Department of Transportation requires that these logs be kept and maintained, and the drivers must inspect their vehicles before they start each shift. During the inspection, drivers will check on various parts of the vehicle to ensure they are in good working order. This will include items like the brakes, the windows, the lights, and the tires.

Requiring that the drivers inspect the vehicle is not only important for complying with the DOT, but it also helps to make the vehicle safer. Drivers can identify any problems that need to be addressed before they get out on the road.

Having easy access to the DVIRs will also ensure that the DOT roadside inspections can be made faster and simpler. The driver can easily provide the reports to the inspector, which can help to reduce the amount of time that’s spent in one of these inspections. This helps to improve the efficiency of the company, so the deliveries can be made on time.

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

Even with the Standard ELD option, you will have GPS tracking available. Like the other features, it’s also available with the Fleet Telematics plan. Having the ability to see where your vehicles are located can provide managers with the data they need to reroute a vehicle if needed, to see how far away the drivers are from making a delivery or a pick-up, to track the vehicle if it is going off the scheduled route. It’s a feature that should be a part of every fleet management strategy.

However, you will want to note that the system provides you with “near real-time” data on the position of the vehicle rather than actual real-time data. This means that the vehicle may not be exactly where it appears to be. It will, however, be near that location. If the vehicle is no longer in motion, it should be possible to get a more accurate location for the truck or bus.

Vehicle Analytics

The Fleet Telematics plan also provides users with accurate vehicle diagnostics. The system can receive information about the engine, the drivetrain, miles per gallon, service maintenance, and more. This information is instrumental in helping to ensure that your fleet’s vehicles are running optimally.

Knowing if there is an issue with the vehicle before it is taken out, or when it is on the road, can help to ensure that it receives a repair or needed maintenance right away. By keeping the vehicles in good shape, it will also ensure that the vehicle is safer on the road. There will also be fewer instances of vehicle failure, which could take a vehicle out of your fleet until it’s repaired.

Driver Behavior

Another nice feature of the system will be the driver behavior insights that are offered with the Fleet Telematics plan. This allows for the monitoring of driver activities including violations, seatbelt usage, driving habits, and more. The information can be used for coaching the drivers to help rid them of any bad or unsafe behaviors that they may be engaging with on the road.

Having safer drivers helps to reduce the risk of accidents, and it can help to keep your insurance in check.

Accident Detection

Even by improving the driver behavior behind the wheel, accidents can and do still happen. The Fleet Telematics plan has an accident detection feature. It uses GPS, as well as accelerometer data, which can help to determine if there was an accident. This information can be instrumental in ensuring that aid is provided to the driver and others involved in the accident. For drivers who might be driving at night or on long stretches of road with little traffic, detection of the accident can make all the difference in the world.

The Price of the Transflo ELD

There are two price plan options available from Transflo. Those who simply want to use the ELD service, which includes the hours of services, IFTA, and DVIR will find that the ELD, which includes a harness, will cost $109.99. There will also be a monthly fee of $28. The system provides near real-time GPS tracking, as well. It also features a one-year warranty in the event of defects in the system.

Those who are interested in having the ELD along with other features and benefits will want to choose the Fleet Telematics option. It has everything that the ELD-only option features, as well as vehicle analytics, accident detection, and driver behavior. The ELD costs the same, but the monthly fee is $31 a month. Since the increase in price is so small, many fleets are choosing to use the higher-priced option thanks to the other features it provides.

Drawbacks of the Transflo ELD

While the pricing is simple and the cost of the device is on the low end when compared with some of the other ELDs on the market, it does not mean that the Transflo ELS is perfect by any means. There have been reports of connection issues, which seems to be the most prevalent issue with the product.

Also, even though the company does have customer support, it is not as robust or as attentive as many users would like. There are cases where drivers and managers have tried to contact customer support but did not get the help that they needed to solve their problems. Let’s look at some feedback that has come from those who have been using the ELD system from Transflo to see some examples of the issues.

Reviews and Feedback from Users

One of the ways to get a better sense of whether a system is right for your fleet’s needs or not is to look at what some users of the product have to say. While many are pleased with the service and the pricing, some have had issues with the app that tie into the items mentioned above in the drawbacks.

Some users report that they have been logged out of the application while they were working, and others have been logged into the app when they were on a break, or even at home. They have had issues with the app crashing and needing to reset their device to the factory settings to ensure the app is running.

These issues aren’t a problem with everyone, but they are prevalent enough that they must be mentioned. It seems that issues tend to come after the app has been updated. There are sometimes bugs that need to be worked out and fixed before the system is running optimally again. This can be quite frustrating for those who are trying to use the app.

As for the device itself, there doesn’t seem to be many issues with the overall durability. It’s the app and connections that users tend to find problematic, although there have been complaints regarding the quality of the customer service, as well.

Conclusion: Is the Transflo ELD Worth Your Money?

Conclusion: Is the Transflo ELD Worth Your Money?

As you have seen, the product offers a range of features. There is the basic ELD service, along with the more advanced Telematics option. They can provide you with the types of features and benefits that you need for your fleet. However, it can’t be ignored that there have been a large number of user complaints and low-scoring reviews from drivers who have had this device in their vehicles.

There are some issues with the system, so you will want to be sure it has everything you need before you decide to spend money on it. Compare the features and the price with some of the other options to see if it’s a good choice for your fleet.


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