TruckingOffice ELD 2020

What Does the ELD Offer?

Choosing the right electronic logging device for your fleet is essential. Read the TruckingOffice ELD 2020 review that follows to learn what it offers.

With the new electronic logging device regulation in place, companies with fleets of vehicles are now required to have ELDs installed in the vehicles they use. These devices can record data regarding the HOS, or hours of service, of the vehicle and driver, as well as information about driving behavior. Choosing a high-quality ELD is essential for businesses, as they need to be sure that the system is compliant with all of the regulations, and that it is easy to use. The TruckingOffice ELD 2020 review that follows can help to give you a better indication of whether it might be right for you.

We will be examining the features of the system to show you what it can offer and will discuss why it’s important to have a great ELD in each of the vehicles in your fleet. We will also look at the good and the bad associated with the system, so you can make the right choice.

Pros and Cons of the TruckingOffice ELD 2020

Below is a list of some of the biggest pros and cons of using the system. It’s important to know not only the good but some of the bad, as well, so you can make a sound purchasing decision.

  • Saves time
  • Easy to install and use
  • FMCSA-compliant
  • Roadside inspection report
  • Power-saver mode and other phone settings could inadvertently log you off
  • Some have had trouble with the Bluetooth connection

Specs for TruckingOffice ELD 2020

Below are some of the basic specs of the ELD from TruckingOffice.

Compliance FMCSA-Certified
Device Phone (Bring Your Own Device Phone or Tablet)
Customer Support 24/7
Basic Features Roadside Inspection Report, Certify Daily Logs, HOS, Add Missing Log Event, Change Duty Status
Payment Made Options to pay monthly or annually

Features of the TruckingOffice ELD 2020

When you are choosing an ELD for your fleet, you want to be sure that it will work perfectly for your needs and the size of your fleet. You need to look at the features that are available with the device, how it works, and learn what issues might be present. Below, we will be looking a bit closer at some of the important features that can help you make your decision.

You Will Be Compliant

Of course, you have to make sure that the ELD you are using will ensure you are compliant with the laws that are in place. Fortunately, this device conforms to the ELD mandate, so you will never have to worry about violating the regulations that have been put in place.

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Drivers already have a lot on their minds, and they don’t need to deal with a complex ELD to make matters even more difficult. The TruckingOffice ELD 2020 is made with drivers in mind, and this is reflected in the user-friendly dashboard that is easy to access through the mobile device. It works like many other apps that they are already accustomed to using, so there should not be a large learning curve.

There is also a bring-your-own-device feature, so the driver can use their own tech, whether it is a smartphone or a tablet, to install the app. The drivers can also transfer the ELD logbook to a mobile phone or tablet that is Bluetooth enabled in just minutes.

The dashboard will be where the driver can see what’s happening for the current day and navigate to the various things they will need to do throughout the day. You can change duty status, view the logs, add a missing log, manage the trip, and more. You can also take care of all of the log certifications right through the dashboard. It is all fast, easy, and intuitive to use.

Easier to Deal with Mistakes

There may be times when a driver may forget to make an entry. Normally, this could be a cause for stress on the driver, but that’s not the case with this app. Instead, they can add an event on the log if it is forgotten. This can help them to remain compliant. Additionally, the feature will not allow drivers to erase or edit logs that are already saved. This ensures the data is not tampered with.

Roadside Inspection Reporting Tool

When you have to have the truck examined by inspectors on your route, you want to make sure that it’s as easy as possible to share the driver vehicle inspection report with them. With this system, you will have three different ways that you can provide them with the information they need. This includes transferring the information with Bluetooth, sending an email, or pulling up the information on the screen of the device you are using.

It’s easy to do, and it will make sure that you are complying with all of the ELD regulations. This should help to make roadside inspections faster and less stressful. The last thing any driver wants is to waste a lot of driving time with a roadside inspection.

Pricing of the System

There are two different options from which you can choose for this system. You could opt for a monthly subscription package, which will cost $20 per month currently. This will include the full ELD solution, the app, and the company control panel. There is a one-time fee that’s currently $89.99 for the vehicle interface device.

You also have the option of choosing the yearly package. It comes with everything that the monthly package contains, but the vehicle interface device is included free. Those who are going to be using the device ongoing and who have the budget to buy the device for all of their vehicles will likely want to choose this option because it can help to save money on the cost of the vehicle interface device.

Keep in mind that pricing for this ELD service, as well as all ELD services, can change over time. Always check with the company to see what the current pricing plans are when you are trying to budget for these devices. Make sure that they will align with your budget.

Easy to Install and Set-Up

Once you have the vehicle interface device, you will connect it to the vehicle’s electronic control module port, so it can retrieve information about the vehicle from the truck’s computer. This information will then be recorded and send to the ELD over Bluetooth, so it can be seen and accessed on the mobile app.

When you receive the device, you can find instructions on the installation process that you can follow. Everything is easy to use, so you should not have any trouble getting the system up and running for all the vehicles in your fleet.

Potential Problems with the TruckingOffice ELD 2020

While the system contains a host of quality features and benefits, you can’t ignore some of the issues that have been noted by other users of the device. It’s important to get an understanding of those potential problems to see how you might be able to deal with them and to determine whether this is the right solution for your needs or not.

First, you will find that even though the Bluetooth connectivity is convenient, it could have some issues depending on the phone settings that are being used. When the power-saver mode is enabled, for example, it can log the driver off the system. This means that the driver will need to log back into the system each time they want to use the app. While this isn’t a deal-breaker, it can become a hassle to have to do this.

When you are using the device, it is a good idea to double-check your settings and to check it to ensure that it is properly logging everything and that the Bluetooth has remained connected. Again, this is not an issue that all users have faced, but it is something you will want to consider. The company makes updates to its software, and they could have dealt with some of these problems already.

Aside from occasional Bluetooth issues, there does not seem to be many other issues with the system.

Why Are ELDs Essential Today?

In the past, most vehicle fleets would record everything on paper. At the end of the day, the driver would typically have to log their hours over the phone with dispatch. However, these logs were fallible, and drivers who were on tight deadlines and who wanted to drive more would not always be honest with the hours of service they were putting in. This meant drivers were tired and on the road with large vehicles, creating a danger to themselves and the public.

Even when ELDs started to become more commonplace, they were not always used correctly, and some companies still used paper documentation. However, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration created a new ELD law that required fleets to utilize electronic logging devices. No longer is it just a good idea to use these devices, it is the law.

However, as you have seen from the features and benefits that ELDs like the TruckingOffice ELD 2020 can offer, they do more than just make sure you are complying with the law. They make all of the tracking and logging far simpler and faster. This means that the drivers don’t have to spend as much time with paperwork and filling out forms. It’s a good solution, so long as your company is investing in a quality ELD.

What You Should Always Look for in an ELD

What You Should Always Look for in an ELD

When you are choosing an electronic logging device, there are certain elements and features you should be looking for before buying. For example, you want to make sure it is easy to use and that it has portals available for the drivers and the managers.

You also want to make sure it will be able to record all of the needed data, not just the hours of service. This will include information from the vehicle’s onboard computer. You can then get data about fuel usage, braking, and speed. This will provide the managers with the information they need to see how the employees are driving, to evaluate routes, and more. Ultimately, it can help to make their drivers safer and more efficient.

The device should automate as much as possible, while still allowing the driver control, so they can log in and so they can add any forgotten logs, for example. Information such as location, engine hours, miles, fuel usage, hours of service, and time should be easy to access by the managers at any time. This can help the managers to make better decisions regarding the drivers, loads, and routes.

The ELD should also be tamper-proof so there is no risk of drivers or managers trying to change records and data that has been collected to the device. Of course, the device should also be compliant with the ELD regulations.

You will find that the Trucking Office ELD 2020 can meet and exceed your needs and expectations, and it could be a good solution for your fleet.

Conclusion: Could the TruckingOffice ELD 2020 Be Right for You?

Now that you have seen more about the features and the options that are available with this ELD, it’s time to make a decision. Will this be the next ELD that you choose for your fleet, or do you feel that there is a better option out there for you? This one is easy to use, it’s relatively affordable, and it has a wide range of features that make it a nice solution for both drivers and managers.

Take the time needed to learn more about the device and the company, and then make your decision. Just make sure that you have an approved ELD in your vehicles before they are operating and moving goods or people.


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