VisTracks ELD 2020

Key Features, Ease of Use, and Pricing

If you are searching for a quality, simple to use ELD, check out the VisTracks ELD 2020 review to learn the features the electronic logging device offers.

Choosing an ELD is not a decision companies take lightly. Perhaps you have a new fleet that you are outfitting with ELDs to ensure you comply with the regulations. You might be looking for a new ELD to use if your current one is not performing up to par. You might also be a company that is looking to offer ELDs to others. If that’s the case, you will need a white label solution. Many options are available today, and one of the top choices is from VisTracks. The VisTracks ELD 2020 review that follows looks into the various features and benefits that you can expect when you use the system.

We will also be looking at some of the noted drawbacks of the system to help you get a clearer picture of whether it might be a good solution for your reselling needs or not. Take the time to examine the review, so you can compare this system to other options you are considering. This will help you know that you are making the right decision with your purchase.

Pros and Cons of the VisTracks ELD

Before going through the rest of the review, check out the list of the major pros and cons that are associated with the system. These can help to give you an idea of what you can expect with the ELD.

  • User-friendly
  • Web portal
  • Improved inspections
  • White label
  • It’s basic compared with some of the other options available
  • Some users have had issues with connections

Specs of the VisTracks ELD

Below is a list of the basic specs that are found with the ELD. These can give you a quick understanding of what you can expect with the system but be sure to check out the full review to learn more.

Compliance FMCSA-Certified
Device White Label Solution that Can Work with Tablets and Phones
Customer Support Customer and Compliance Support Center Available
Basic Features Hours of Service, DVIR, IFTA, Team Driving, Support Available Offline
Payment Contact the Company for Pricing

Features and Benefits of the VisTracks ELD

One of the most notable differences between VisTracks and other ELD solutions is that this is a white-label product. This means that the product is made by VisTracks, but it can then be rebranded and sold by another company as if they had made the product. Those who want to provide ELD software solutions to businesses will find that VisTrack could be a great option to consider. However, before choosing this software platform, you need to know and understand the features it offers. Below, we will be looking at some of the features that help to make this a quality product, as well as some of the potential drawbacks.

Ease of Use

One of the reasons that companies often spend so much time trying to find the right ELD for their fleet is that they are looking for a simple solution for their drivers and managers. They don’t want to have a driver app and portal that are going to take a long time to understand. Having a system that’s easy to use also means that there are likely to be fewer errors made when first starting to use it.

The software was made with ease of use firmly in mind. There will be minimal training required to get started with the software, and there will be on-screen documentation that helps to reduce errors from being made. As a reseller, you can be sure your customers will be looking for systems like this that are easy to use for both drivers and those in the office.

No Device Could Mean More Flexibility

No Device Could Mean More Flexibility

Since this is a software-only platform, and you as the reseller or your customers will have to provide a device, it can provide more flexibility. This means that you are not tied up with a single device that might be difficult to upgrade. This can often be a problem for in-cab hardwired devices that will likely need to be upgraded in several years.

The software is compatible with an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Instead of buying a high-end, expensive tablet, the users can buy an inexpensive tablet and it will still be capable of running the app without issue. Users can upgrade at their own discretion. This flexibility ensures far more options available to the end-user than they would have if they were using proprietary hardware from a regular ELD provider.

However, a lack of a device is something you will need to keep in mind when you are pricing the software you are reselling. The simplest option is to provide just the software for companies that already have tablets and phones, or that use their drivers’ devices. You could also opt to provide your own low-priced tablets that you could bundle with the software.

The Web Portal

Managers of the fleet will be able to log into the cloud-based online portal, which is common with many ELD solutions on the market. It’s an easy to use portal that is perfect for the backend staff and managers that are assigning driving time and collecting or correcting driver logs. The web portal and the driver app work well with one another.

The portal also provides the managers with the capability to control the tablet settings. For example, they could disable driver log edits from being made on the tablet. This is a helpful feature that should be used by trucking companies, as it ensures drivers are not able to change and tamper with the logs. Managers can also filter log edit reports through the use of consistent codes. While this might seem like a simple feature, you will find that it’s not always available with ELD products.

Hours of Service

Compliance is the most important element when companies are choosing their ELD. Therefore, as a reseller, you want to be sure that the system you are selling can provide this compliance. Fortunately, VisTrack is certified with the Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations. It is compliant with federal and state regulations, as well as regulations in Canada.

DVIR Support and IFTA Reporting

Although hours of service and compliance are foremost on the minds of companies buying ELD products, they are not the only things. Buyers want to choose a system that has other features that can help to make fleet management much easier overall. With the software from VisTrack, you will also find daily vehicle inspection report support and IFTA reporting.

Drivers are required to inspect their vehicles before starting a shift. The software helps to make this easier to complete the inspection and send it back to the office. These completed reports can be provided to the Department of Transportation when needed for a roadside inspection. It helps to make those inspections go faster.

Another nice feature of the software is that it helps with IFTA reporting. Fleets are required to submit their International Federal Tax Agreement filings quarterly. In the past, keeping track of all of the paperwork was difficult. Quality software can help to make this far simpler, faster, and more accurate.

Other Benefits of the VisTrack Software

Other Benefits of the VisTrack Software

The software can provide plenty of other benefits, as well. The software has an automatic retry in the event it loses connection to the ELD. This helps to ensure that the users stay connected. However, if they are disconnected for whatever reason, there is still offline support available.

As a reseller, you also want to appear on the FMCSA approved vendor list. This can be difficult to do if you are reselling a product that hasn’t already been vetted. Fortunately, that’s not a problem with VisTracks. The company even says that it will help resellers to appear on the vendor list. This will provide your company with legitimacy, which can help to bring in more customers looking for an ELD solution.

Potential Drawbacks of Choosing VisTracks ELD

It’s important to fully understand just what VisTracks is to determine whether it’s the right solution for your needs. It’s not a typically ELD provider that can offer a device for drivers to use in the cabs of their trucks. Instead, it’s a reseller-based system that can be rebranded and then sold to truckers. For example, if you have tablets or similar devices that you are selling, but your company lacks the application to create a quality ELD, this could be a nice fit for you. Just remember when you choose this option that you are only getting the software.

One of the problems that some users have mentioned is that the software itself is rather basic. While it can take care of the hours of service like other ELDs, and it is compliant, you may not find all of the features that you need. That said, the software still provides ample features as evidenced by the benefits mentioned above.

Always take the time to look at the features that are available before you determine whether it might be the right choice for you or not. After all, everyone’s mileage will vary when it comes to the features they need.

Another issue that some people have mentioned regarding the software is that it does not always connect properly. There have been dropped connections. While it might be an issue that happens with the software, there is also the possibility that it could be a hardware issue instead. Don’t discount the system if you are looking for a white label solution. Just do your research and make sure that you have quality hardware to match.

Pricing for the VisTrack ELD

Since this is not a typical ELD solution for businesses, there isn’t a typical pricing structure. Instead, you will want to contact the company to talk with them about getting a demo of the product, the prospect of partnering with them for the software, and then getting a quote on how much it will cost.

Many who have used the system have said that it is an affordable option for their reselling needs, and it might be just what you have been hoping to find. Many other companies have already partnered with VisTrack including Pacific Track and ATrack.

What Other Services Are Offered Through VisTrack?

In addition to the software for hours of service, you will find a range of professional services available through the company. This includes hiring the company to integrate third-party products, add support for third-party devices, add custom reports and alerts, and adding fields to APIs for a third-party portal, for example.

The company also has a Compliance Support Center that can be hired to help take care of your customer service. Many resellers are not fully equipped to handle compliance and support questions but hiring VisTrack will help. The service makes it easier to provide this service for the customers of the reseller who are using the ELD. The agents are trained to help those who are trying to use VisTrack ELD products.

While not all resellers will need to have these additional services, it is nice to know that VisTrack offers them. Of course, added services will mean added fees. Still, it seems with the other services the company offers, this can be an “all-in-one” solution that resellers have been looking to find.

Conclusion: Do You Need a White Label Solution?

Again, it’s important to realize that this is a white label system rather than a standard ELD offered through most manufacturers. If you are looking to resell the software to fleets and you have hardware that you can offer, then it could be a nice option. It’s relatively simple and easy to use, and it is compliant with all of the current regulations.

However, those trucking companies and shipping companies that are looking for a system that’s ready to go, and that has devices available will want to look elsewhere. Find an electronic logging device that has everything you need for your vehicles.


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