Omnitracs IVG ELD

When you need to keep track of details for a huge fleet, there’s nobody better than Omnitracs IVG ELD to help. Make sure you stay compliant with these devices today.

As time passes, it seems like it’s becoming more and more common for the major companies in the ELD field to switch over to offering “bring your own device” dongle style options. This can be an excellent choice for someone who is an owner-operator or running a small fleet, but the big boys are going to benefit from something that goes a little farther and provides a little more than these ELDs can offer. That’s what our Omnitracs IVG review is going to look at today.

Thankfully, Omnitracs has decided to go entirely in the opposite direction to offer a solid ELD that can be used by big companies that need lots of data. While the price might be high for a single owner, this device is created for those with tons of trucks on the road and plenty of cash coming in. The company offers a chance to make even more and get additional work done through all of its top of the line features.

Specifications of the Omnitracs IVG ELD

As we mentioned, the Omnitracs IVG has a ton going for it. However, we want to start by sharing some necessary information about the device, so you know what you’re reading about. Below are the basic specifications of the Omnitracs IVG for you to look over: • Display Size: Eight inches • Resolution: 1024 x 600 • Dimensions: 8.8 x 6.8 x 1.5 inches • Interface Options: Voice, button, and touchscreen • Installation Method: Hardwire • Memory: 32GB microSD card

The Top Features of the Omnitracs IVG ELD

There are a wide variety of exceptional features available through the Omnitracs IVG. We want to focus on the most innovative and useful for now to give you an idea of what this device is capable of. Three of those things are dispatch, compliance, and routing, which we’ll talk about in more depth below.



The routing service with the Omnitracs IVG can be a huge benefit for large companies that have a ton of trucks on the road. What the device does is optimize the route from one location to the next to save time, avoid using excess fuel, and get the load where it’s going immediately. When all your trucks start showing up early, that’s sure to impress customers and it’s possible with this electronic logging device.

The flexible software for routing with this device can allow owner-operators and fleet managers to spend less time scheduling all the routes on a given day. This frees up even more time that can be spent on other things at the trucking company.


Another thing that Omnitracs IVG has done well is creating a way to monitor dozens of trucks in real-time for fleet managers to use. This means it’s easier for them to correct courses when there are unexpected changes, make adjustments when needed, and set up the day’s routes in the morning.

However, it’s not just managers who will see a benefit from this technology. Drivers also can do a better job through the dispatching system. Using a smartphone or a tablet, a driver can easily see every destination coming up so they can be prepared.

In addition to that, drivers can handle all sorts of workflow operations using the Omnitracs IVG, such as taking signatures for delivery proof or recording messages for other people in the company.


Now we come to compliance, one of the main reasons that electronic logging devices have become so popular in recent years. Having accurately recorded hours of service is essential for fleet management. Since all commercial drivers are required to keep track of these hours, the Omnitracs ELD makes it an easy thing to do.

This device not only complies with all requirements but also offers driver vehicle inspection reports. Drivers have the chance to see any reports or logs through their tablet or smartphone any time that they would like, which makes going through inspection sites a breeze.

Some of the other features that set Omnitracs IVG apart include:

• Critical Event Reporting
• Exact Fuel Integration
• Navigation Integration
• Tire Pressure Monitoring
• Trailer Tracking Information Alerts

What Can I Expect to Pay for the Omnitracs IVG?

Two different prices come into play when it comes to the Omnitracs IVG electronic logging device. The first is the price of the actual device, which can vary, but often runs around $600. However, there is also a subscription price of $55 that will need to be paid monthly.

Keep in mind that unless you have a fleet of trucks, the price isn’t going to be worth it. Even purchasing the device requires at least a fleet of five semi-trucks. The reason for this is because the telemetric data provided by the IVG can be analyzed to help increase efficiency among your fleet. Someone who has a single truck or two isn’t going to need the in-depth information that Omnitracs will offer you.

How to Install the Omnitracs IVG Device

How to Install the Omnitracs IVG Device

Based on how state of the art this device is, you might think that installing it would be complicated, but it is not. In fact, this device from Omnitracs can be installed in around 30 minutes by most people. Here are the steps you will need to take to complete the installation:

• Before you go through the installation process, you will want to go online to activate the electronic logging device. This should be done one day or more before the actual installation.

• Once you are ready to install the device, the first step is to connect the I/O power cable. After you have done this, you should take a look at the Omnitracs display to make sure that it is working correctly.

• Making sure your truck is off, remove and push back on the diagnostic connector before making sure there are no bent pins or debris present. If there are issues, these will need to be handled before you complete the installation of the logging device.

• Take the power cable’s connector and attached it to the diagnostic connector on your truck. You want to be sure the ring on the outside twists and then clicks into place. If you do not do so, the device can disconnect and cause issues.

• Next, grab the power cable end that you haven’t use and place it in the dashboard panel where the diagnostic connector can be found.

• Move the power cable into the location where the display for the Omnitracs IVG is found.

• Remove each of the screws from the rear of the display panel so that you can connect it to the power cable.

• Check that each cable latch is in place with the ridge side facing outward.

• Place the door panel back where it goes and use tie wraps to take care of securing any extra cable.

• Run the system verification to make sure everything was done correctly. If so, you’re ready to go. If not, you may need to repeat some of the steps above.

Additional Features of the Omnitracs IVG

While we talked about the significant features of this logging device, several others can make life easier for a driver or manager. We’ll talk a bit more about some of them below, so you have an idea of everything this device is capable of.

Vehicle Inspection Reporting

This feature is designed to make it simple for fleet drivers to handle their full inspection reports entirely and accurately. The ELD also lets both the driver and fleet manager take a look at these reports at any time. There is also a notification system when buying this product, which can offer insight on any defects that might be found in any of the vehicles in your fleet.

This is another way you can streamline your fleet and any issues that might lead to safety or compliance problems.

Hours of Service Logging

As you may already know, having incorrect hours of service on your logs is a risk to any company. It can lead to a compliance breach, cause more expensive operating costs, drop your operating productivity, and lead to issues with efficiency. This doesn’t have to be an issue when you have the Omnitracs IVG install in all of your trucks.

Weigh Station Bypass System

Another top feature of Omnitracs IVG is the Drivewyze Preclear system, which allows you to bypass hundreds of weight stations across the United States and Canada. When using this system, drivers can avoid more than 95% of the weight stations, which speeds up their day and ensures more gets done to increase the profits of the company.

This bypass system works both for fixed scales and mobile inspection sites and can improve vehicle safety, allow quicker load delivery, and create better driver retention.

Pros & Cons of the Omnitracs Electronic Logging Device

Now that you have a relatively good idea of what to expect from the Omnitracs IVG, we want to go over the things that the IVG does right and some of the places where it might come up short compared to other options. While there’s a lot to appreciate about this logging device, it may not be right for absolutely everyone.

  • Allows you to connect to the Internet in two different ways to avoid offline periods
  • Offers a massive 1026 x 600 resolution on the eight-inch touch display for superior graphics
  • Includes Bluetooth connectivity so you can connect with the device using your mobile device
  • Features an easy to install procedure and is just as easy to use once you have it running
  • Includes an intelligent voice interface to avoid distractions while driving
  • Offers intuitive message notifications to ensure drivers and fleet operators stay connected
  • Comes at an expensive cost compared to most other electronic logging devices
  • Only works well for those who have a fleet of at least five trucks to manage and monitor

Driver Thoughts on the Omnitracs IVG

Driver Thoughts on the Omnitracs IVG

While Omnitracs is not an accredited business, it has an A on the Better Business Bureau site, which shows that it is reputable. Most of the reviews for the company are favorable, and a common thread mentioned is that the company lets you easily edit logs when there are mistakes.

Many users appreciate the core features, including route planning, fleet tracking, and electronic logging since it’s reliable and makes it easier to run a shipment business. Others are fans of the mobile reporting view that drivers have access to in their trucks.

The only negative reviews tend to be about maps being old or the learning curve being a bit high to get everything wanted out of the software and device. Others find that the user interface isn’t as intuitive as it could be, but this seems to be an uncommon feeling.


The reality is that the Omnitracs IVG is a top of the line electronic logging device that lives up to all of the hype. However, it’s also best used by a large fleet that can appreciate all the features it offers. If you have a massive fleet and want to run advanced analysis, this is an excellent interface to provide that option. It has more options than most other ELDs on the market and will give you more information than you may know what to do with.

Those who are looking to reach the next level with their shipping company will find this is one of the few options that can handle every aspect of that move. However, you need to have the experience to know what you’re looking at with all the information provided by this electronic logging device. If you’re not quite as experienced or have a small fleet, it might not be the perfect option for your needs.


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