Zonar ELD 2020

Features, Pricing, and Feedback from Users

Are you looking for an ELD for your fleet? Read the Zonar ELD review to learn about both the benefits and the drawbacks you can expect from this option.

If you are looking for a new electronic logging device for your vehicle fleet, you probably already know that there are many options from which to choose. With all of those options, it can sometimes be difficult to know exactly which one will be best for your needs. You want to ensure you are compliant with the ELD regulations. You also want to have a system that offers plenty of features. The Zonar ELD 2020 review that follows will help to give you a better idea of whether this system might be right for you.

Throughout the review, we will be covering the pros and cons of the system, so you will have a full understanding of whether it might be a good solution. We believe it is important to highlight not just the benefits, but also the drawbacks, so you can be sure you are getting the perfect solution for your vehicle fleet.

Pros and Cons of the Zonar ELD

Below is a list of some of the biggest benefits of using the ELD system, as well as the cons. You must look at both the good and the bad before choosing your electronic logging device.

  • Electronic Vehicle Inspection Report
  • Tamper-resistant
  • Easy to use
  • Durable hardware
  • Automated
  • Log corrections can be difficult
  • Can be difficult to determine just what your company will need for add-ons
  • Customer support available, but could be better

Specs of the Zonar ELD

Below is a list of the basic specs of the ELD. This can let you know if there might be any potential issues with your requirements and needs.

Compliance FMCSA-Compliant
Device Tablet and Phone
Customer Support 24/7 email and mobile support
Basic Features Hours of Service, EVIR, Coaching
Payment Made Quotes and Pricing Information Available from the Company

Features and Benefits of the Zonar ELD

We believe that it’s important to provide you with as much information as possible regarding the products you are considering buying. This includes highlighting all of the benefits that a product can offer, as well as the negatives that may steer some people away from the item in question. Choosing an ELD is a big task and one that you don’t want to get wrong, as it could end up being a costly mistake for your fleet. Below, we will look at what is offered through Zonar ELD and why it might be a good solution for you. We will also be highlighting issues with the system and some of the complaints from user reviews. This ensures you have more information about the product so you can decide whether it will be right for you or not.

Hours of Service Records and Driving Time

The most important thing for an ELD to do is to make sure that you can accurately record your hours of service and driving time, along with records of duty for the drivers. There are laws in place that limit the number of hours a driver can spend on the road and behind the wheel.

Electronic logging has proven to be more accurate and harder to tamper with, which is why the FMCSA requires that all fleets use ELDs today. They want to be sure that drivers aren’t putting in more hours than they should, which would compromise their safety and the safety of everyone on the road with them.

You will be happy to know that Zonar ELD meets title 49 CFR 395 Electronic Logging Devices and Hours of Service Certification It also meets Canadian regulations for Cycle 1 and Cycle 2. The system was one of the first to complete FMCSA end-to-end testing and be FMCSA self-certified. It was also one of the first to be independently third-party validated.


Many drivers aren’t paying attention to the clock when they are driving. They are paying attention to the road, as they should. However, this also means that drivers sometimes run dangerously close to going over the limit for the number of hours they can drive in a day. Fortunately, the system provides alerts that can notify the drivers and managers that the driver will need to be off the road soon. These alerts help to ensure that there are no violations.

GPS Tracking

Another nice feature that can be added to the Zonar ELD is GPS tracking. This is something that all fleets should have in their vehicles. They can pinpoint the location of their vehicles to ensure that they are on the right route. It will also be helpful when the need to reroute a vehicle arises. This happens more often than many realize. Whether it’s due to traffic, construction, or road closures, rerouting promptly can help to ensure that the vehicle can get to where it needs to be.

Knowing the GPS location will also allow the backend team to let customers or clients know if a shipment or delivery might be late. GPS is also helpful in case the vehicle is ever stolen. While it’s the last thing you want to have happen with your vehicles, it’s good to have some protection in case it does.

In-Cab Video Coaching

There is also an option for in-cab video coaching, which could be helpful for those who want to ensure the safety of their fleet’s drivers. The coating can provide drivers with real-time audible warnings, which will allow the drivers to make corrections while driving. This can help to reduce the number of accidents that happen on the road. This added feature will require a camera, but many have found it to be well worth it to bolster the other features of the ELD.

One of the other benefits of having a camera in the vehicle is to receive videos and images, which can help the office to see if the drivers need to be retrained in certain areas. The cameras can also capture incidents, which could be helpful if someone caused the accident with your driver.

Electronic Verified Inspection Reporting

Electronic Verified Inspection Reporting

Many companies have a DVIR solution, but Zonar believes that these are not as beneficial because it is not possible to verify that the inspections were done properly. This is not the case when you chose EVIR. This system will allow you to place a Zonar RFID or NCD tag on each of the vehicle’s inspection zones. The driver will then be required to physically visit and inspect each of those areas before scanning the tag. Once the inspection is complete, the driver will then be able to sign the inspection electronically, which can then be uploaded to the system.

This provides more accuracy and more honesty when it comes to vehicle inspections. This helps to ensure that vehicles are not being driven with serious problems that could cause an accident or that would be detected during a Department of Transportation roadside inspection.

The use of the EVIR has shown that the inspections are streamlined because the drivers have to take less time with the inspections. There is no paperwork, it’s easy to view current and past inspections, and it helps to ensure that the vehicles are being properly maintained.

Adding EVIR to the ELD system is one of the best options that a fleet can make. It not only ensures compliance with regulations, but it improves safety on the road, while also ensuring the vehicles get the repairs and maintenance they need.

Potential Problems with the Zonar ELD

Even though there are plenty of great benefits when it comes to the Zonar ELD, it’s important to know some of the problems, as well. Understanding the drawbacks will provide you with a better understanding of whether it will be the right product for you or not.

There have been some customers who have complained that it is not easy to correct log errors and that the process is somewhat convoluted. Others are concerned about making sure that they have chosen the right options for their fleet because there are so many different packages and add-ons to consider. Fortunately, you can speak with the company about these options and they can work with you to determine the best choices for your business. Still, this often takes longer than people would like.

Another potential issue that you might run into is customer support. Even though there is support available when you need it, some users have found that the support doesn’t always provide them with the answers they need. This is always frustrating for companies who need to have answers as quickly as possible to ensure their systems and their logs are correct.

Pricing of the Zonar ELD

Naturally, one of the questions that are most often asked when a company is considering a new electronic logging device and application will be the price. The cost found online from other users equates to about $70 a month for each vehicle, which is quite a bit higher than what other companies are charging for their ELDs. It’s important to keep in mind that there are also factors that will affect the final pricing.

To get full information on pricing regarding the Zonar ELD, you will need to go through the company’s site and select the type of fleet that you have whether it is freight, school buses, vocational fleets, or public transportation.

You can then choose one of the available plan options. They have several from which to choose including a mobile ecosystem plan and an overall package. The Connect mobile plan is powered by the Zonar Connect tablet. The Certified plan works with Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 and can use Zonar and certified Google Play Store application. The Open plan is also powered by the Samsung Galaxy tab Active2, but you will use your own telecom rates for this solution.

You will then be able to choose from different packages, such as Zonar Hours of Service, which is an ELD-ready application. You can then choose all of the add-ons that you might need to use with the application, such as EVIR, advanced navigation, or Zonar Workflow.

The company offers a range of different services that can be added to your plan, but many of these services will come with an added cost. For this reason, you will need to speak with the company to get a quote that is unique to your fleet of vehicles.

Feedback from Users

When looking at reviews and feedback from customers who have used the product, you will find that it’s generally a mixed bag. Some praise the system, and some decry the ELD for not being reliable. Some users have had update crashes with the system, which makes it difficult to use.

Others have had problems with the user interface and believe that it’s not as user-friendly as some claim it to be. They have a hard time with the logs, navigating the system, and with the GPS, which sometimes doesn’t work properly.

While there are noted issues that need to be fixed, it’s possible that Zonar can make improvements to the application to improve stability and functionality.

Conclusion: Should You Buy or Skip Zonar ELD?

What do you think about Zonar ELD from the features, benefits, and user feedback that we’ve discussed above? There are plenty of admirable qualities from this electronic logging device, but this does not mean that it’s the right solution for everyone. There are some glaring problems with the system if the user reviews are to be believed.

With the number of complaints and some problematic reviews, you will want to dig deep into the features and see if the benefits will outweigh the problems that others have reported. In the future and with updates, this might be a better solution.

Still, you will want to compare it with some of the other options you are considering, along with reviews from users of those products, to get a better idea of just where this ELD stands and whether you should buy it or not.


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